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    Red Dragon SEWA Darts

    The Red Dragon SEWA Darts are a design of the founder of the American Dartplayer and SEWA- Darts Forum Erik McVay.

    McVay has a lot of darting experience and already plays for some years with darts of his own design. As he has quite big hands he always looked for a dart of 24 g which felt like a lot heavier. Beside the dart should produce only minimal deflection when grouped tightly and it should feel well balanced. As he couldn’t find such a dart in the range of the darts manufacturers he decided to get a customized dart. When he got via his forum into contact with NODOR and found out they produce their own tungsten - a much better material than the one used for his original darts – he talked with NODOR about his dart design. The manufacturer improved it and brought the Red Dragon SEWA Darts on the market.

    The SEWA darts are from 85 percent tungsten and one can buy them in 22 g and 24 g. At the moment there are only steel-darts but might be there’ll be soft- darts as well in future.
    The darts are slightly torpedo-shaped - the barrel is thicker in the middle than at both ends – the diameter of the 22 g darts is 7 mm at the thickest point, the diameter of the 24 g darts with 7, 1 mm a little bit thicker. The barrel length (without the tips) of the lighter dart is 45, 7 mm; the heavier is 48, 3 mm long.
    The complete grip area is 21 mm and features in intervals of around 1 mm twelve grooves – from the rear to the point first five narrower ones in blue or white and then seven wider ones in red and white. Than follows till the point a smooth part with 20 mm. The center of gravidity of the really well-balanced dart lies at the two last red and white grooves before the smooth part.
    The dart feels comfortable in the hand. The grip is distinct but not too aggressive. Only players who like to grip near the very front of the dart might have a problem with the smooth area.
    The dart has good flight characteristics and enters the board quite straight. The darts come with a set of aluminum shafts and two sets of Team SEWA flights which are very long lasting. The darts are well made and of my set of 24 g all three darts weighed 24 g exactly.

    One can buy the darts from Red Dragon for 17.9 pound + postage.

    Conclusion: The Red Dragon SEWA Dart is a solid and robust all-round dart. It’s well priced and definitely not only suitable for players with big hands.

    Added: October 1st 2013
    Reviewer: Charis
    Related Link: www.reddragondarts
    Hits: 4011
    Language: english


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    Red Dragon SEWA Darts
    Posted by chunkybudda37 on 2013-12-15 20:38:56
    My Score:

    I was lucky enough to win a set of these darts in august,and must confess I wasn't expecting anything magnificent. But....after 6 darts I hit a 180! (the first 3 was a ton) Bearing in mind I was playing with 26g nurled dart,these darts seemed to be made for me! The weight ,the feel and even the sound made them MY darts and I haven't put them down! I do throw from the front of the barrel and at first this did affect my throw but i just took the shine off with a little sandpaper and bingo! The only reason I have scored them a 9 instead of a 10 is I think they are made too well(if that's possible) simply because when you're throwing at a double and sometimes you aim for a bit of a kiss off your previous dart into the double bed,these dart are made that well they really do like to hug each other as opposed to deflect.They really are fantastic and the price tag really doesn't do them justice! Great job!!!

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