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    Designed by yours truly. Made by the best! These are the darts I've played with since 2005!

    Blade 4

    Two months ago I decided to get the new Blade 4.

    Great quality
    Very little bounce outs
    Holes close well
    Nice appearance
    Great Spider

    I recommend :)

    Added: February 11th 2013
    Reviewer: Ross
    Related Link: Blade 4
    Hits: 8003
    Language: english


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    Blade 4
    Posted by budsy on 2016-11-08 05:45:37
    My Score:

    Well I see all them posts on this forum and not just this thread are yrs old
    looks like nobody comes onto this forum and some local darters pmge the mod on all the forums to tell them to either ignore my posts or to ban meas ive been banned for life a while back from a cple of forums only because of some locals whom are jealous of my prowess on the dart board as simple as that .. Anyhow for me I post for fun and some also straight posts to aid any player whom is new to the game of darts and asking about whatever darts in whats best to buy etc ..As for boards I also find the blade 4 a top class board and for any of the younger darters looking in then ive played also on the old time boards from the 70s and 80s and with the thick rounded wires around aliong with staples in every corner of the trebles and dbles and so we had many bounce outs them days plus was not quite as large a target to hit because of the thicker rounder wires and staples all around the boards .. todays boards are so much better along with darting gear also with also more to chose from ..But ye the Blade 4 is one of if not the top board to use I reckon as long as some say always say every mth rotate the board and then it shall wear more level all way around and last ..
    Last but not least as we all know is the bull tends to wear out quicker than the other parts of the board in some time although with myself the bullseye wears out in no time why ? Well simply because i puncture such much more than any of you guys shall for sure and that's simply because om top notch .. Meantime all have a gd day but remember vvThere's a darter fae Fife whom plays the game
    and some player he is , Stevie's the name
    No man sais he , shall stand in his way
    there is no other when on his day180's are easy, as dbles are so
    When he stands at the oche, to put on a show
    as his dart hits the bullseye , the other players pout
    count 1, 2 and 3 game shot, over and outNow come try and beat him , if you dare
    but when Stevie's on fire, you better beware
    Whose No1, on Fife's golden shore's
    There's only one outcome, as Stevie's dart soars  :D


    Blade 4
    Posted by weffiness on 2013-07-03 16:41:04
    My Score:

    Honestly - what's the real difference(s) from the Blade 3?

    I've looked at both and cannot tell.

    Blade 4
    Posted by chunkybudda37 on 2013-06-24 21:54:41
    My Score:

    Yes, definitely the best board by far! The smell,the sound when you hit the treble and the colour really define it.But most of all compared to others the most telling factor is it's durability,as long as you abide by the basic rules- Rotate regularly,twist darts on removal and don't use a high powered bulb too close for long periods.(the board dries out and bulges very quickly)

    Blade 4
    Posted by bret23 on 2013-02-20 11:50:55
    My Score:

    Best Board on the Market for me. Have used Unicorn Sportcraft/Eclipsies also have a Bandit Practice Board. This Board Is packed very tight makes a loud thump when my dart hits it.

    Mugs Away

    Blade 4
    Posted by Art on 2013-02-12 16:17:48
    My Score:

    I accually have never shot on a blade4 or any other of the blades....

    Blade 4
    Posted by Chitown599 on 2013-02-12 11:43:34
    My Score:

    This is a great board. Very llittle chance of bounce outs, and it is very durable.

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