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    Laro Carbon Shaft

    This is my first review so I will keep it simple. These Laro Carbon shafts are sweet. The consistency in the shape and holding power is to be desired... and lets not forget their feather weight properties. I've shot with them for a month now and have noticed my groups have gotten tighter due to the shafts rigid design. Flights don't pop out at all, and the little lip that they included to protect flights on entry do their job well. Consistent shape in a shaft is very important. These shafts are as straight as an arrow even after 100's of falls, bounce outs and collisions within the group. I did manage to break a shaft finger off of one, but I was using it without rings. Regardless what they say, rings are encouraged through my example. Great product, semi pricey but its a good investment given their consistancy and strength. Cheers Ross

    Added: February 11th 2013
    Reviewer: Ross
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    Hits: 4225
    Language: english


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    Laro Carbon Shaft
    Posted by jamesshaffer on 2014-04-01 04:24:50
    My Score:

    You know carbon fiber is suppose to be lighter and stronger than steel. Here's proof.
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    Laro Carbon Shaft
    Posted by slave on 2013-04-17 13:16:00
    My Score:

    I have been using the same set of Joker Divers for over two years. I do use the whiz lock, no chance of a robin hood taking one out.    

    Laro Carbon Shaft
    Posted by Biggy on 2013-02-15 10:35:01
    My Score:

    I have been using the same Carbon shafts for about a year and had no problems at all.  I even switch them inbetween my steel and soft tip darts. Yes they are a bit pricey in the beginning but I haven't broken or bent or lost any of them.  The shaft fits perfectly into the SEWA darts with no ridge or edge, just smooth.  I use the L-Style Rocket with champagne ring flights and have completely stopped robin hoods as well.  As long as they unbroken I will not use another shaft.

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