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    Fit shafts/Flights

    Fit Shaft (stems) and Flights Certainly one of the more reviewed products on the web, I really didn’t know if I could add anything by reviewing these guys. I did have some doubt since most of the reviews I read are from sources with Cosmo/Fit connections. To be honest I was also looking to score some freebies for evaluation but it didn’t work out. I don’t believe I have ever made an on-line $50 order for just two sets of shafts and 3 pairs of flights. Yikes I thought I was paying a lot for my favorite Yaro shafts and Rhino flights but no deal here. The flights arrived contained in a plastic display/holding package looking just like L-flight from Target (the rage about 2 years ago). The shafts tightly in small package (like most products from Japan). To my surprise: I snapped in the flights into the shaft directly, these things fit a lot more snug then ever anticipated. I had no idea they fit so tightly (((awesome))) I have since threw in a LOD (and won) 18 team double elimination) and countless hours on the practice board… These flights do not come out. I may not have the skills of Double16 (see his video) but have been throwing well (including a 7 darter, 301) and cannot dislodge them. One disclaimer; I was throwing 18 gram soft tip darts – not the 24 gram Purist used in Neil’s test. I also used non-spinning shaft (sorry although the new Fit design looks cool, past spinning shaft experiences have left me jaded on anything moving on my dart). Second surprise: I ordered one pair of slim shafts, they reminded me of some Harrow shafts I ordered from the UK (Keramic’s) my wife continues to use (outstanding durability). I swore off Aluminum years ago – the Harrow’s came close to changing my mind, in the end I could not get past the balance change I perceived to my dart. However the Slim design works well with my behind center grip, I’ve not used many nylon shafts that can hold up in a slim design. So far, and I have used them a lot these Fit Shaft hold up beyond expectations. I really hope I don’t snap them off in the treads – I don’t want find out how strong they are by digging them out of the threads. Random thinking: The flight material – strange feel, holds up real well. The sharp hard point at the top of the flight works as a built in deflector (very nice). My slim shaft did not marry well at first glance to my shaft (looks like a big gap) however the feeling is slight/almost un-notice-able , I guess the slight rounded edges are saving the day for me here. The shaft bends and the flights moves both I feel aid just enough to prevent deflections. Many locations I play (bars/pubs) the bad lighting become apparent when trying to fit a flight into the shafts, showed these around and everybody want them. Final though: My A game: I practice and play with the best I can find/afford. Darts compared to a lot of my hobbies is not an expensive game. That said I do not see a pair of $50 dollar Fit alum shaft in my future. But for just shy of 10 bucks the Nylon Fit shaft and flight combo is the best I have used. Unless I find better – the large bags I have of standard flight and shafts are going to collect dust (well the kids are going to be using some nice stuff).

    Added: October 5th 2010
    Reviewer: Donald Barrow
    Related Link:
    Hits: 4039
    Language: english


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    Fit shafts/Flights
    Posted by weffiness on 2013-07-03 17:03:12
    My Score:

    Gotta add my two cents here.
    I tried and converted over to the basic Fit Flight system a while ago - I hated the robin-hoods I was getting with the nylon shaft and ring system, and won't go back to aluminum systems (my teeth aren't young anymore and bending back prongs...well, we've probably all been there).
    Anyway, they stay on the shafts well/better than I would have thought, and even the cheapest shafts (not the $100++ "magnesium" or $40++ "carbon" ones) take an unusual amount of abuse before they need replacing. 
    The basic shaft system gets a high rating from me.  Note I use the standard shape shafts and also have a resistance to spinners (no more moving parts than needed please!)

    But the distinction between "Air" and "Gear" (thicker) flights is worth noting.
    Both do an excellent job of never robin-hooding by the simple mechanics of the design.
    However the "Air" (thinner/translucent) variety does not withstand car/truck temps (I'm talking vehicle storage during the work day as they deform way too easy and become unusable) where the "Gear" (thicker/more rigid) variety lasts well FROM THE TOP...BUT...

    "Top flight damage" - traditional flight systems tend to take abuse from the top as point of impact with incoming darts...from the bottom they just pop off as flights make contact.  No big deal.

    Fit Flight flights crack and deform from the BOTTOM - whether it is from the incoming dart flight smacking the flight of another, or its from grouping and they are beraking from points sliding...I don't know...
    But they quickly suffer bottom-flight damage and need replacing a little too often for the price.

    Still, flights aren't made to last forever and the basic design is elegant and simple (I just hate the cost!)

    Fit shafts/Flights
    Posted by Art on 2013-02-07 11:47:52
    My Score:

    I have made the switch to fit flight and will never look back.  All the same reasons you have mentioned in your review.  Your right on with this one!!

    Fit shafts/Flights
    Posted by Rowan on 2012-10-30 12:50:23
    My Score:

    Ive tried the (med) stems with standard fit flights in house only 

    found them far to expensive and tear easily and certainly are not worth what they ask ..Not one person ive seen in the local Dart League uses them

    and shall be because fo the price mainly when we can buy 10 sets of extra strong standard flights and 10 sets of the med nylon stems for so much cheaper than the single one set of fit flights  or stems ..
    The 2 sets of stems i purchased to try and flights i never use 
    the flights were torn and im a pretty good player and throw my darts straight on ..And at the end of the day no guy with their fit flights stems would beat me that i do know as i am a consistent player ..

    Fit shafts/Flights
    Posted by gt on 2010-10-26 16:15:45
    My Score:

    Nice review, but your link to A-Z actually goes to Cosmo darts. I have this gizmo on my list of things to try sometime soon.

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