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    LARO Shafts

    I normally would not put a lot of effort or stock in a review of a dart shaft. Truth of the matter is I have a full box of different brands and sizes (I know I throw a bunch of them out but they still accumulate like crazy). This is one item that I simply order or pickup when I see something new come out, unless were talking some exotic material it doesnít cost a bunch to simply form your own opinion. Where talking less than the cost of a beer here. I was on a roll, even started making a little money (ok spending less money if the bar tab is factored in) so changing my setup was the last thing on my mind. Then it happened Ö The Bad nightÖ to top it off in a doubles match during a close out point one of my flights flew off in mid throw Ė dart wired/tumbled (not sure what came first Ė did not score) to loose on an equipment malfunction was a first. Although nothing was said I couldnít look her (mixed double) in the eye. The next morning everything in my case was up for review. My KCís stood up to some strong challenges from the Pumaís, Unicorn and Balance Points barrels but nothing else is returning to the Saturday night line-up. Itís kind of funny what you end up with sometimes when you get finished testing. Itís hard to overlook the setup you have had success with. How can you tamper with the setup you scored that 1st 180Ö But looking back I wonder how I threw these darts with any consistency at all. Iíve been a fan of the Alamo/Flight Tite shafts for quite awhile. They did everything I looked for in a shaft, I mostly used Alamo but Flight Tite med fills the ďin-betweenĒ size (between med and short) that is sometime necessary in some setups. Beside some aesthetics I really can tell no difference. So why the problem? Whatís changed ? Somewhere down the line I started throwing thicker flights (Powermax/Rino style) and my aluminum topped shafts do not like them. Sure they fit but the extra squeezing put into fitting them is weakening them I believe this causing them to bend easier. My second theory is my groping is getting tighter and Iím doing more robin hooding (my ego would like to think this). Whatever the case I had a problem. A quick review what I wanted from a dart shaft , 1. Hold on to the flight, I hate picking up flight, I hate fitting them back into the slot 2. Donít bend, stay straight (this leaves aluminum out) Iíd rather they break Ė I do not want to check them 3. Donít loosen 4. Donít break off in the barrel (often) 5. Cheap I had never found a pure nylon shaft that would meet my number one requirement (flight flys off too easy) regardless if they used a spring or not. But when I saw guys throwing these shafts combined with slot punched flights this changed everything. I ordered a slot punch and the search was on for the best nylon shaft I could find. I wish I didnít try these LARO shaft, they are not sold in the US and cost me about double ($3) what I used to paying. That said they are the best nylon shafts Iíve found. I checked reviews in the UK and the only thing negative I have read is the flight slots are too tight, I was prepared to use an old pair of flights or tool to open up the slots but found this was not the case at all, the slot were perfect. I checked the 5 pairs and all were perfect so if there was a problem itís not anymore. Iím including in my review some of the marketing fluff. The finish on the black shaft is what I would describe as flat/matt, this would look great against some of the newer black darts, it doesnít really match up well with my vapor coated Laserdarts but thatís not a deal breaker with me. The white shafts are bright in color, not sure why they donít look matt finished like the marketing says. Beyond the fluff I will say these shaft screw into the barrels perfectly and do not back out, Iíve thrown them a ton and yet to break any part of them (there real tuff). Bottom line for me, they are worth the effort to obtain, I will pay $3 for the quality and they are the best I have found. FEATURES: Unique flight loading guides Locking ring keeping your flights secure Smooth Matt Finish Precision molded giving accurate thread form. Lengths: SHORT - 35.1mm INBETWEEN - 42.2mm MEDIUM - 49.3mm

    Added: May 28th 2010
    Reviewer: Donald Barrow
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    Hits: 3627
    Language: english


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    LARO Shafts
    Posted by the_cutter on 2012-11-16 18:56:46
    My Score:

    I use the tweenie Laro stems.  They're very durable, except for the plastic slot ring which I decided not to use.  Suits my throw as well.

    LARO Shafts
    Posted by Rowan on 2012-11-16 18:17:54
    My Score:

    A Think ive enough shafts to last me a lifetime also  :)

    Have many of the med size nylon grip stems to do a lifetime a reckon

    kept in an old shoe box in my room and they last a while so shall 

    with my Sciatica outlive me playing darts so i wont go short on such 

    Everyone has their fav stems / flights and Darts etc and so all to their own

    and best of luck with them i say   :)

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