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    Designed by yours truly. Made by the best! These are the darts I've played with since 2005!

    Lip Point soft tips

    With all the reviews online it amazes me the lack of opinions on tips for soft tip darts. If I've found one misconception often held about the electronic game is that the dart sticking in the board don't matter "they score just hitting the board why does it matter". If you play darts for money (in the US a lot of us do) then you know, not sticking/scoring the dart can cost cash. Yea, I added the nuance "scoring" because its vital, matches are close and a mis-scored dart is often fatal to a match. After watching the Premier League matches I was happy to see I'm not alone in often using a dart to setup a finishing double.

    So why are there at least 30 different band of tip on the market? When I stepped away from my home Arachnid setup and started playing commercial games I found out the hard way how my different games were out there. I checked the NDA page and saw 5 or 6 different brand board that are allowed. The fact that most of these game are expensive and durable, often the playing field is worn, This can affect the style/brand of tip in all kinds of unpredictable manners. Ever wonder why you would play a short tip, one word (new board), they make practice a lot easier.

    One other vital issue is wiring (never heard a soft tip name for doing this even though you are hitting hard plastic) but I've not found an electronic board that doesn't have a spider the size of a vintage 1980 steel tip board. I'm aware of only one brand of MP soft tip darts (VOKS) so deflection off the plastic spider is a very important part of the tip design.

    I have started writing reviews on soft tips at least two times, only to change my opinion due to new product or inconsistencies ... oh, forgot to note some brands/style/weight of dart behave differently with the tip you use. (your mileage may very). So here I go, Soft Tips Darts, Spring 2010... To date the strongest soft tip made is the VOKS tip, maybe its the spring behind them, these tips bend but seldom break , their long and with the Movable Point bounce outs are held to a minimum. That said these points are proprietary to only VOKS darts so that leaves most of soft tip players looking for other options. I sure have a ton of sugarless tic tac containers full of different brands/style (tip from the page - these things work great as tip storage) but I find myself using two styles most often. I have no knowledge who really manufactures these tips and repackages them under a lot of different name , or is everyone is copying each other (but Atomic, Italian and EVOL all look the same side by side) I find the big difference in the batch of tip/not the brand with these darts. I had white and black tip of the same brand in this style, I broke every white tip in almost the same spot within a practice section (well maybe not all 25, but the rest hit the trash). The black version of the same brand lasted 3 times longer and broke about the same as the other brands in this style. The other style Dartmaster (sold under other names) also find my way in the box, they are a good option when the other style isn't working. They are a little shorter and bounce out/bend a little easier but on some darts/dartboard these work better than the other style.

    So now Lip Points from Japan are available in the US, I've seen them on the overseas webpages but too me they just looked like another knock off of the Atomic style. Boy what a nice surprise, they are close - same basic design, just a little longer and slimmer. I don't know the material but these things are stronger than any other tip (aside from the VOKS) out there. The slimmer profile or maybe its the material works - these stick better (less bounce-outs) and pull out of the board easier ... Bottom line they are the best I've used to date.

    Added: May 30th 2010
    Reviewer: Donald Barrow
    Related Link: http:/
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    Language: english


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    Lip Point soft tips
    Posted by philiptake on 2011-01-19 00:26:28
    My Score:

    These soft tips are the best I have ever used. They work great on most soft-tip boards and don't bend like cheaper tips. They are almost "too good" to use on cheaper boards because they are so hard. I recommend these to any soft-tip player. I picked up mine at, which stocks a variety of japanese dart product. It's also availible at ibuydarts and other retailers.

    Lip Point soft tips
    Posted by scottyb1001 on 2010-10-15 19:46:52
    My Score:

    We will have the Lip points in stock, actually a large portion of the Lstyle line in a couple weeks at !!! :)

    Lip Point soft tips
    Posted by artyfarty on 2010-08-25 13:06:09
    My Score:

    lip points reps gave out a free sample to all players at 2010 medalist worlds in las vegas in july after 1 day of playing with them i stocked up and that is proving to be a wise move. seems to be a hard item to locate in northern california but i know quite a few players who would to get there hands on some.they work when you cross from different brands of machines better than any tip i have ever used in my many years of shooting soft tip artyfarty

    Lip Point soft tips
    Posted by wazza180 on 2010-08-23 23:54:38
    My Score:

    Nice review A shame I cannot get any.. Chris Anderson told me to get these, I got to Ibuydarts only to see they are out of stock and nothing to say when they will be in stock. is it true they are NOT shiney near the barrel as in your finger has something to rest/grip on?

    Lip Point soft tips
    Posted by crash336 on 2010-06-17 14:11:19
    My Score:

    Just an update, tested a few more brands since writing this. I've found the new Harrow's H-Tip to work very well. Infact they may be stronger than the Lip points. Side by side the H-tip's are thicker through the point. On an older "comercial board this may help the dart hold" on a new board they require a stronger tug to remove the dart. I've also noticed a few more "non-scoreing wire's" - could be bad luck but maybe the list extra thickness ? (more research required). I have also noted you have to take extra care in keeping these point straight after wiring or bounce-out to the floor. Becasue of the thickness leaving any sort of bend (however slight) will cause a bounce outs. I'm still competing with the Lip Points (still my favorites) but these H-tips are not bad at all.

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