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    Dartplayer & SEWA-Darts: Dart Tournaments

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     Where the seeded players drop...

    Dart TournamentsCharis writes "

        For the seeded players their first day at the Winmau World Masters didn't start well. The first three, James Wilson, Darryl Fitton and Wesley Harms, were immediately eliminated, because the qualifiers Mark McGeeney, Seigo Asada and Rhys Hayden played much better. Wilson was steamrolled by McGeeney's 106.14 average, Fitton and Asada raced head to head, in the deciding Leg the Japanese crossed the finishing line first. It was not as obvious why Wesley Harms lost - the Dutchman both had the better doubles hitting rate and the better average and threw the only two 180's of the match.
    With Martin Phillips the tide turned - the Welshman proved he's not on the shelf yet. An impressive average of almost 100 and a double hitting rate of 50 percent were not to beat. Glen Durrant managed to stay in the tournament as well though he played far less well and the match only started to get gripping near the end.

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, December 09 @ 22:44:13 CST (1105 reads)
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     Van Gerwen or ... ???

    Dart TournamentsCharis writes
    It was sunny again on the last day of the UK Open. The breakfast-pub was much more crowded than the days before and Adrian Lewis had cleared off into a quiet corner but was all the time interrupted by fans.

    I took another walk - as I had learned the day before that not only the UK Open take place here in Horwich but that the cycle and the running route of Ironman UK for some years already go through Horwich as well. At the round-about outside the hotel there usually is a refreshment station. The map I found on internet was not good enough to really identify the routes but it was a pleasant walk nevertheless.

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, June 26 @ 19:44:41 CDT (1684 reads)
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     Not one brother left...

    Dart TournamentsCharis writes
    On the first two days the UK Open had started in the evening while on the third there was an afternoon session with the fourth round and an evening session with the fifth round - so many hours in the Reebook lay ahead of me. A full English breakfast was really necessary to survive the day. It looked it was not only me having this idea because Adrian Lewis already sat in the breakfast pub with a plate of toast in front of him waiting for sausages, bacon, eggs and baked beans. To it he drunk some pints of orange juice and ended his meal with a cigarette outside the pub marveled at by people walking by.
    As I don't smoke I decided that instead with a cigarette I would treat myself with a walk through the fields and meadows nearby - really a pleasure due to the weather. Afterwards I payed the super market a short visit buying drinks and food.

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, June 26 @ 19:44:05 CDT (1750 reads)
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     And Four Were Left

    Dart TournamentsCharis writes "On the second day again the tournament started in the evening and after an almost full English breakfast I took the train to Manchester. Usually it takes around half an hour but on this morning due to engine trouble it took much longer and the train was totally over heated. 

    Due to the problems we stood for some time at the station Castlefields and I spied some ruins in a nearby field which I thought looked "Roman" and really - "

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, June 20 @ 17:54:32 CDT (1820 reads)
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     Toronto Darts: SEWA forum member David Sproull at QSDL singles tournament

    Dart Tournamentsdavidsproull writes "A disappointed but not embarrassed David Sproull was taken out of contention for the annual QSDL singles tournament.
    The 'Abominable Throw Man' disappointingly only took a single leg, managing to keep pace despite playing against a higher tier of player,and was in a position to win all but one leg but was unable to close out the doubles.  
    David was the only 'C' league player participating. 

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, February 12 @ 23:46:31 CST (7487 reads)
    comments? | Score: 0

     Toronto Darts: QSDL Singles Tournament.

    Dart Tournamentsdavidsproull writes "The QSDL (Queen Street Dart League) in Toronto Canada will be holding its annual singles tournament this Tuesday February 12 2013.  Events will take place at the following venues.

    A Division: Thirsty fox
    B East: Fox and Fiddle
    B West: Gabby's
    C Division: The Eagle Club.

    SEWA forum member David Sproull will be participating.   

    Posted by site_admin on Sunday, February 10 @ 23:52:13 CST (2086 reads)
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     2012 Tahoe Biltmore Dart Tournament

    Dart Tournamentsbob1936 writes "
    2012 Tahoe Biltmore Dart Tournament  $5,000.00

    September 7-8-9, 2012 **  Crystal Bay, NV  89402

    Reservations:  800-245-8667  ( 0907 Dart )

    Cabins:  $39.00  ***   Hotel:  $40.00

    Special Entry: $100.00 ** 2 Singles * 2 Doubles * 2 Draws


    Tournament Director:  Bob Martell   925-685-2405

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, August 07 @ 12:40:52 CDT (2178 reads)
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     2012 Tahoe Biltmore Amateur 501

    Dart Tournamentsbob1936 writes "*$3,500.00 Steel Dart Tournament *(Based on 48 Participants)
    Men & Women up to 20 ADO Points or Soft Tip up to 5 Rating

    Location: Tahoe Biltmore Hotel / Casino (Lake Tahoe)
    5 Highway 28, Crystal Bay, NV 89402

    Entry Fee: $189.00 ( Includes Fri. & Sat. Hotel, & 30 games of Darts )
    Round Robin Format, Championship & Consolation Tournament

    Information: (PDF Flier)
    Bob & Maggie Martell 925-685-2405 "

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, January 24 @ 08:08:41 CST (2400 reads)
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     New Year Starts with Lancashire Festival of Darts!

    Dart TournamentsSaturday 21st January and Sunday 22nd January 2012 plays host to a feast of darts in Lancashire! The Lancashire Festival of Darts in Association with Winmau takes place in Fleetwood and there is £8,000 on offer over the weekend.

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, December 21 @ 08:37:02 CST (1492 reads)
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     Dennis “The Menace” wins Winmau Dazzler 2011

    Dart TournamentsThe Dennis Priestley express arrived in Batley Leeds in last week’s Winmau Dazzler where he beat current PDC world champion Adie Lewis in the final – the Yorkshireman secured a landslide final victory against Tony O’Shea by 5 -0 after beating Adrian Lewis in the semi finals with a 104 average compared to Adrian’s 102, which proves there’s plenty life in the old dog yet.

    Note: From Winmau's news letter.

    Posted by site_admin on Monday, December 05 @ 10:02:38 CST (1191 reads)
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