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     Red Dragon - SEWA-Darts Trivia!

    Darts & Stuff of InterestErik writes " I've put together a Trivia Competition/SEWA Scavenger Hunt! The first 5 to get all the answers right (or the first 5 to get MOST of them right) will win a set of darts or 4 sets of flights (A minimum of 3 sets of darts will be given away but possibly more!)

    Here are the rules:
    1. You have 1 week to finish the contest however the 1st 5 members to submit the correct answers will win -- so don't wait until the end of the week! Submit as soon as you can.
    2. You may submit and resubmit your answers as often as you like but each time you resubmit your time-stamp changes. (Example: MemberX submits today at 12:00noon then realizes he missed some and resubmits tomorrow at 1PM. 1PM is his new time-stamp).
    3. Almost all the answers can be found here on or at (there may be one or two you'll have to hunt for)...
    4. Only Senior Moderators / Admins are excluded from entry (contacting them for help is disqualifying).
    5. All answers must be private messaged to me via the site. Once you've done so feel free to post in the appropriate forum to let me know you've done so and I will respond there also.
    6. If 5 members submit correct answers right away then the competition is over.
    7. The site admins are the only members not eligible to participate in this competition
    8. Above all, have fun and be sure to thank Red Dragon for their support of our sport!
    9. If no one answers all the questions correctly, then the 5 that gets the most right (first) win.
    10. Do not post the answers or where to find them in the forums.......


    Posted by site_admin on Sunday, December 15 @ 15:47:40 CST (4245 reads)
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     180! Fascinating Darts Facts

    Darts & Stuff of InterestCharis writes "
    Dr. Patrick Chaplin has published a new book that with a wealth of information   will appeal to all people interested in darts. Of course one of the focal points lies in darts history and Chaplin is able due to his research to expose some of the most popular myths of the sport   as myths and tells us the not less thrilling truth instead.  In this context he reports how such myths can develop – some years ago he was the unintentional source of a myth himself when one of his famous Fool’s Day Columns was so convincing people took it at face value.

    Beside you can between others find chapters about the Embassy World Championship, the Winmau World Masters and women darts. But interesting things like the walk-on-girls, music and darts and the origin of some of the nicknames are included as well.

    All that is written fluently and gives as an understanding of the sport in a colorful, informative and entertaining way.  As the recently deceased commentator Sid Waddell aptly writes in his preface the book is a kaleidoscope of darts.

    Dr. Patrick Chaplin once again brought a book to be recommended on the market and I’ve only one point of criticism – it is much too short. It would have liked to read much more of it!


    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, March 19 @ 10:54:02 CDT (2418 reads)
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     Winmau Backs Disabled Darts

    Darts & Stuff of Interestdavidsproull writes "World class dart company Winmau are now the exclusive dart partners of the World Disability Darts Association.
    The full press release can be read here:


    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, February 12 @ 23:46:53 CST (2419 reads)
    Read More... | 3 comments | Score: 0


    Darts & Stuff of Interestross writes "
    We all have issues with calculating a dart out sequence, even the pros can get stumped once and a while. The last thing you want is to be distracted by having to do math while on the line. It will take away your focus and that’s a bad thing. Here‘s an easy way to memorize your outs and never get distracted again.

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, February 07 @ 13:04:54 CST (1123 reads)
    Read More... | 1633 bytes more | 3 comments | Score: 0

     The Kokoi Scoreboard -- new and innovative

    Darts & Stuff of InterestErik writes "I was doing my usual Facebook cruise one morning and noticed an interesting post about a new scoreboard being sold on Amazon called the Kokoi.  It was so different that I had to check it out and see what it was all about so I contacted the manufacturer and asked if I could review the product (something I rarely do anymore).

    Very shortly afterwards a box arrived on my porch and I was tearing into it to check out this strange new contraption.  Right away I was impressed with the wood construction and weight of the scoreboard.  It was actually kind of heavy for its size -- not something typical today.

    Posted by site_admin on Saturday, December 22 @ 11:36:27 CST (2216 reads)
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    Darts & Stuff of InterestRolkaCL writes "FansOfDarts is a series of public websites designed and run by RolkaCL.  These sites are new as of November 2012, so if you haven't had the chance to check them out, please do and provide feedback!


    Others available upon request.  Please contact RolkaCL for more information!

    Thank you in advance for any support of this effort!  This is non-profit and not affiliated with any dart organization, player, country, etc.  This effort will only be as interesting and successful as the dart players who participate in it want it to be.

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, December 11 @ 14:21:52 CST (1516 reads)
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     David Kirby: The Definitive Darts Coaching Manual: Your pathway to success

    Darts & Stuff of InterestCharis writes ""The Definitive Darts Coaching Manual"is a thin booklet of 70 pages which was published in 2012 by Anchorprint Group Limited. By now the second edition is on the market and a Kindle edition is available too. One can buy it at, the price is 5 pound. The book come with a recommendation by Jamie Caven, just now David Kirby writes a book over Caven.

    David Kirby was so kind to give me a copy to write a review.

    Note: Excellent Review Charis, thanks.
    For those interested, Charis writes for us from Germany where she lives and plays darts.

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, October 23 @ 11:08:16 CDT (3838 reads)
    Read More... | 3281 bytes more | 3 comments | Score: 0

     The Phil Taylor Rileys UK Roadshow is back in May!

    Darts & Stuff of InterestclubRILEYS writes "Following the success of last year’s roadshow, Rileys Sports Bar is bringing The Power back to the people at Rileys Dart Zones across the country.

    The 15-times world champion Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor will be embarking on a one-man roadshow, touching down at the following Rileys sports bars in May:
    • Wolverhampton – 7th May
    • Nottingham – 14th May
    • Solihull – 21st May
    • Burton – 22nd May

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, April 05 @ 09:27:07 CDT (2312 reads)
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    There has been huge interest In the World Championship Fantasy Darts game, with Martin Phillips emerging as the early number 1 choice of those who have already picked their Fantasy Darts Teams of players competing in the 2012 Lakeside World Championship.

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, December 21 @ 08:35:20 CST (1444 reads)
    Read More... | 2116 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 4

     Let's eat

    Darts & Stuff of InterestCharis writes "On first view Food is not directly connected to a darts tournament and I can’t remember I did ever see a player eat during a Major Tournament. During the floor tournaments in the venues one can usually find some kind of snack counter which offers hot dogs or similar things though even there the players only seem to eat when the tournament is over for them. Might be they eat a chocolate bar in between or some crisps but in generally the “liquid” food seems to be enough. Though the players have to be at the venue at least two hours before their matches during the major tournaments they don’t seem to eat there at all. They very often disappear a short time after the match – probably then they go for their meal. Would they really not eat at all a lot of them probably would be a little bit slimmer…"

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, December 15 @ 13:21:55 CST (5958 reads)
    Read More... | 2889 bytes more | 3 comments | Score: 5

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