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     Darts in Dublin 2013/ 2

    PHP-NukeCharis writes " Players Championship 2

     I didn't really feel refreshed when I woke up on Sunday morning - probably an effect of the Dublin maritime climate. The sky looked grey and the wind was stronger. The breakfast room seemed to be even farer away then the day before and it was quite full. Not only the Players Championships took place there - a conference was going on as well.
    I decided to cancel my morning walk and did the updates on my site till it was time for the tournament.

    Posted by site_admin on Saturday, November 16 @ 09:07:42 UTC (4178 reads)
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     Darts in Dublin

    PHP-NukeCharis writes "Players Championship 1
    This year again I travelled to Dublin to follow the two Players Championships and the first two days of the World Grand Prix live. And again I stay at the City West Hotel but this year in another wing which feels like around two km away from the breakfast room which was on Saturday morning filled with darts players. The Huybrechts brothers breakfasted together as did Raymond van Barneveld with his wife. Mark Dudbridge sat together with Steve Brown, Jamie Lewis with Arron Monk only to mention a few names. After the breakfast I first went shopping - it was sunny but very windy outside.

    Posted by site_admin on Thursday, October 17 @ 09:15:01 UTC (4511 reads)
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     Getting the point

    PHP-Nukeross writes "Getting the point:
    The dart is a ballistic, just like a bullet, a thrown stone or a rocket ship. The path the dart follows when released is a parabola, meaning that it goes up and then comes down driven by the twin forces of the upward and forward energy you impart to it when you throw it and the downward pull of gravity. The dart will not go anywhere other than where your hand is pointing it when released.

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, February 12 @ 08:30:43 UTC (3690 reads)
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     World Championship 4

    PHP-NukeCharis writes "Luckily I had recovered a little bit on Monday morning, I was still coughing but my head was clear. I enjoyed my English breakfast and was remembered that in this hotel they served very salty bacon…At least one didn’t need to salt the eggs!"

    Posted by site_admin on Monday, January 18 @ 14:00:13 UTC (4079 reads)
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     An Interview with Steve Brown

    PHP-NukeCharis writes " Steve, you started to play league when you were 13, at which age did you start to play darts?

    When I was about 10 years old. My dad had been playing darts locally for years, and was on crutches after a serious motorcycle accident. With his sporting activities now somewhat limited, he took darts a little more seriously, and finally hung a board at home. From there, it was an easy choice..."

    Posted by site_admin on Monday, September 21 @ 11:26:13 UTC (3994 reads)
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     George Silberzahn interview

    PHP-NukeCharis writes "
    George Silberzahn, american Darts legend, author and inventor of the Flight School was right at his 70th birthday available for this exclusive interview, thanks a lot.

    Posted by Sensei on Tuesday, September 30 @ 12:48:22 UTC (5253 reads)
    Read More... | 27120 bytes more | 15 comments | Score: 5

     Dart Shops and Exhibitions

    PHP-NukeCharis writes "When I started playing darts some time ago, around two and a half years ago exactly, I was quite frustrated, that here in Germany you rarely can find a dart shop, till now I didn’t find a single one. Darts are sold in gun-shops or in combined gun and fishing shops, even sometimes in costume and gun-shops. Usually you find a range of darts in a small corner of the shop, often more soft darts then steel darts, usually there’s only one set of darts in a certain design, so you can’t try different weights. "

    Posted by Sensei on Tuesday, September 30 @ 12:38:09 UTC (5057 reads)
    Read More... | 6638 bytes more | 15 comments | Score: 5


    PHP-NukeCharis writes "Trina Gulliver: Golden Girl: The Autobiography of the Greatest Ever Ladies Darts Player.

    When I first read about the book, I immediately preordered it, even before I stumbled over Dartoid's book review.
    I got it early this month, started to read it and can tell you now, I really can only recommend it even though it’s in no way as funny as Dartoids review.
    It’s a serious minded book by a probably not only serious minded dart player. She tells from time to time, that she loves it to celebrate, to meet with friends and to drink with them."

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, January 23 @ 06:05:56 UTC (3707 reads)
    Read More... | 1847 bytes more | 9 comments | Score: 3.75

     A visit to Ally Pally

    PHP-NukeCharis writes "I arrived in London last Wednesday morning. Jürgen and I had arranged to meet at the hotel, as his plane arrived two hours after mine and I thought I could use the time to look around. I don´t know London really good and it was interesting to "explore".
    We could see Alexandra Palace from hour hotel placed on a hill in the fog, but it was too far to walk there. But there was a bus station just in front of the hotel via Alexandra Palace, ideal for us.
    So when Jürgen arrived he only put his luggage in his room and off we went.
    We had to walk up the hill and then there it was, very impressive in front of us."

    Posted by site_admin on Tuesday, January 01 @ 11:13:34 UTC (3533 reads)
    Read More... | 5717 bytes more | 10 comments | Score: 5 German Darts Championship

    PHP-NukeCharis writes "Annother impressive title, but this time it was a real important tournament, a Major, the first ever played in Germany. And the price money was higher, the winner got 25,000 brit. pounds.
    It took place in Halle in Westfalen, a small, more or less unknown town in Germany, though this small, unknown town has got a wellknown sports venue called The Gery Weber Convention Centre."

    Posted by site_admin on Wednesday, December 05 @ 07:07:39 UTC (5222 reads)
    Read More... | 6651 bytes more | 16 comments | Score: 5

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