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     Dart-Stop’s new light – yes light.

    Darts & Stuff of InterestTheCommandant writes "After opening the box of parts which had arrived from Dart-Stop recently, I tossed the instructions aside (who needs those anyway?) and began to assemble their new battery powered light and promptly got lost. I then sort of consulted the instructions and put it together easily enough. It is after all, pretty simple. I then made a guess and installed the light above my board.


    The light was too low and hung right in the line of fire so I finally consulted the instructions (note to self: read them next time) and noticed they suggested installing the light a LOT higher then I had – go figure. So I drilled new holes in the wall and made plans to fill the old ones with Spackle before the Mrs. Got home.

    With the light finally installed I flicked on the mini spots and to my surprise found my board very bright – where they pointed. Hmmmm…..the lights are pretty small so I had to play with them to get the board lit up reasonably well. It’s not like having a big house wired spot like I have in the main room or even close to a Circumluminator (which I also have) but both of those require house wiring/power and this little puppy don’t. (ok all you English editor types I know it’s “doesn’t” but I wanted to make a point so phht to you).

    That’s right, for all of you folks out there who the wife has agreed to allow the dartboard on a wall which of course doesn’t have power within several miles of it, Dart-Stop has the answer: a battery powered light that requires just two screws and some batteries (supplied). So the wifes diabolical plans to stop you from practicing while she’s watching American Idol or some other goofy girl show are now foiled by a half dozen double A batteries. You win :)

    I have to say the light setup isn’t perfect nor will it work in a bar (not even CraigB’s bar) or for anyone who wants to practice 2-4 hours a day (unless they own a battery factory) for those out there in need of an answer for the Friday Night bucket party, this just might do the trick!

    Some might feel pricing is too high, however. What with Chinese made 50 cent desk lamps (ok maybe they cost more than 50 cents but I doubt they are worth much more) being sold at Wal-Mart for a song the $109.95 ($60 off their suggested retail) is probably a heck of a lot cheaper than having Big Dave’s Electric come in and charge you $85/hr to put in new circuitry (which will take roughly 3-6 hours for non-union contractors or 3-6 months for Guido from the Union to come and do the work). So, either you pay the guy with the bat for the five hundred dollar installation and agree to give up your first born, play in the dark or go with this nifty little light. You know what I’m sayin’?

    Seriously though, I think Dart-Stop has come up with another neat idea that anyone building an off grid cabin should consider – oh ya, I know someone like that. The light works pretty well, provides adequate lighting – besides after a dozen of your favorite lubricants who can see the board anyway?

    I give Dart-Stop 1 ½ thumbs up on this one – why not two? Guido has bent it a bit when I refused to let him ‘fix’ my office lighting.

    You can find this neat new light at: Dart-Stop Light "

    "Dart-Stop’s new light – yes light." | Login/Create an Account | 5 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Dart-Stop’s new light – yes light. (Score: 1)
    by Dart-Stop on Friday, February 26 @ 12:30:28 UTC
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    The information below is presented by Dart-Stop/ Dart-Center to answer some common questions about our new Cordless LED Dartboard Light as well as dartboard lighting in general.

    Warning! This posting can be a bit “technical.” : )

    Q1: How much light do I need for my dartboard? How do you typically illuminate a dartboard?

    A1: Regarding standard dartboard illumination, one source is the World Darts Federation (WDF.) The “WDF Playing Rules” say: a single 100 watt light fixture is required for “floor” dartboards and at least two 100 watt fixtures for the “staged finals” dartboard. Staged finals lighting may be augmented by the use of flood or spot lights. However, the rules do not state the required level of illumination (in Lux or Footcandle units), nor do they state how to position the light fixture(s) except to mention keeping light out of players’ eyes and to avoid the introduction of shadows.

    The amount of light you decide to use depends a lot upon personal preference and budget. At the low end (easiest and lowest cost), you would simply use the ambient light from within the room. At the other extreme (most expensive and labor intensive), you would install custom hard-wired and switched lights, most typically in the ceiling above the dartboard.

    Q2: How bright is the Dart-Center Cordless LED Dartboard Light? Will it provide a good level of light for my dartboard?

    A2: With a maximum illumination level (new batteries) averaging 900 Lux, the Dart-Center Cordless LED Dartboard Light provides at least a standard level of dartboard lighting based on the WDF guidelines and the IES reference levels below, if not better. The average illuminance level of 900 Lux is based on maximum and minimum levels of +/- 500 Lux; with LEDs, as with any light source, illuminance decreases as distance from the light source increases—areas of the dartboard closer to the light source will be brighter than areas that are farther away. In our tests, illuminance was measured at the face of the dartboard with each of two separate LED spotlights located at a distance of approximately 24” from the bulls-eye.

    Reference Illumination levels per Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) (measured in Lux)
    General Lighting: 50 to 100
    Work Spaces: 100 to 200
    Low Detail Task: 200 to 500
    Medium Detail Task: 500 to 1000
    100 watt incandescent bulb with a 4” reflector, 24” distance: 700 (Dart-Stop measurement)
    High Detail Task: 1000 to 2000

    Q3: How long do the batteries last?

    A3: Batteries are estimated to last 12 to 30+ hours depending on the brightness setting. The 12 hour life is based on our tests of continuous use with ending brightness of about 10% of the starting brightness.

    Each spotlight includes an ON/Off switch with Selectable Dimmer—holding the button will dim the light output until it is released. Our tests indicate that dimming the light will substantially extend the battery life. For example, a single spotlight was tested at a 24” distance. It had a starting brightness that was manually dimmed to 300 Lux (about 28% of the maximum starting brightness); the test included a series of on/off sequences for a total of 35 hours on; the ending illumination was 132 Lux. Each time the light was turned back on after a period of being turned off, it was manually dimmed to 300 Lux.

    Our testing indicates that periods of rest (light turned off for several hours or more) in between periods of use may extend the battery life. We performed battery/ illuminance tests using Duracell Coppertop, Kirkland Signature and Duracell Ultra Digital, all with similar results.

    Q4: What kind and how many batteries does this light take? Can I use rechargeable batteries?

    A4: The two LED spotlights each

    Read the rest of this comment...

    Re: Dart-Stop’s new light – yes light. (Score: 1)
    by SLEEPYKRAMER on Tuesday, February 09 @ 00:01:50 UTC
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I really liked the design, but not the battery option. I did email the guys there and they did say that a plug in version will be coming out eventually too.

    Re: Dart-Stop’s new light – yes light. (Score: 1)
    by BlackHorse on Tuesday, February 09 @ 17:15:06 UTC
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    The battery option is exactly what I would like about it, not being handy enough or industrious enough to hard wire anything in. It would also make moving your board a more feasible venture.

    But it sounds like the batteries don't last long at all - has anyone done a time trial on the battery life?

    I assume it would accept rechargeable batteries... are those still made? Not sure. If not, perhaps the Light could come with a rechargeable unit built in, on the redesign, that is.

    Also, the area of the board covered by the small lights appears to simply not provide enough illumination.

    Perhaps a premature release of a product not thoroughly tested. More or bigger lights?

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