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    Designed by yours truly. Made by the best! These are the darts I've played with since 2005!

     Unicorn Eclipse Pro wins!

    Darts & Stuff of Interesterik writes "The dartboard comparison test.

    After 4 months of heavy use, some abuse and even some repairs, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro has proven itself as the best dartboard your money can buy.

    Despite some damage caused by being dropped and darts being thrown by some crazy person trying to see if they can get the dart stuck in the board, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro held up! Sure the wires began to protrude and the sisal was damaged and cracked (happens when a board is dropped) however dart players continued to prefer the Eclipse Pro even over a brand new DMI bandit!

    It all started back in December (2005) when I contacted each of the dartboard manufacturers and asked them if they would be willing to participate in a challenge - a competition of sorts. Unicorn, NODOR, and DMI all agreed to participate.

    Almost immediately after I contacted each of the companies and informed them that I wanted to begin the comparison after the 1st week of the New Year, Unicorn sent 4 boards to me for evaluation and the competition. It was clear Unicorn was ready to stand behind their product and would put their boards up against anyone’s!

    I began by spending a full week practicing on each of the Unicorn Boards starting with the Eclipse Pro then the Radius. The Radius is a new board by Unicorn and utilizes wires similar to the Eclipse for the triple and double rings, but more akin to NODOR’s Supawires for the segment wiring. I liked the wires and was impressed with this lower priced board. It was obvious that the Radius was of the same high standard that the eclipse was but that it was a lesser version in terms of wires and colors -- it was clearly meant to tackle the lower priced market and will do very well there!

    NODOR was having a real tough time producing boards for the test and I began to wait. During my wait I beat the Eclipse Pro up even more, and more. I continued to think this had to be the very best dartboard made, but reserved my opinion until seeing the NODOR and WINMAU boards and the DMI Bandit. I would wait a long time.

    Eventually NODOR and DMI came through and sent out some boards so I began to test them and completed the first part of the comparison and started phase two.

    Phase two involved placing the boards in our local pub and really giving them a workout with 4 to 6 days of darts weekly. Immediately I began to take flack over the DMI Bandit and graffiti was written around it telling me to remove it from the bar! It was so unpopular that I began to fear someone would rip it off the wall and throw it away! This really disappointed me because I like the bandit myself and personally feel it is a top notch dartboard, but part of my test was to let regular every day dart players help me decide. The Bandit was out.

    The NODOR Supawire was received very well and it became very hard to know whether it was/is more popular then the radius or not. I finally settled on a tie for the two boards as I feel the NODOR board is both very good looking and well made but that it's wires move too much and the Radius board has darker less well done color but much better wires that tend not to move. In the end I just couldn't separate the two! The only difference may simply be price. The Radius comes in at $34.95 versus $45.95 for the NODOR Supawire so I'd have to say the Unicorn gets the nod because of price.

    One thing of note here though: NODOR boards are everywhere. I can walk into almost any store that sells dart stuff (Fred Meyers, Big 5, you get the idea) and there are NODOR or WINMAU boards there. Considering this, and the fact that NODOR and WINMAU make excellent dartboards I have to give them the nod for most available high quality board. If you can't find a NODOR or WINMAU dartboard then you must live on the moon! Unicorn, however, is much harder to find in the USA and usually means ordering online.

    In the end I must admit that I wasn't able to include the NODOR Supamatch or the WINMAU Blade III in this comparison test simply because NODOR was unable to get the boards to me on time. Perhaps we'll see them in the near future and I can add some comments about them then.

    However, if you are looking for the very best dartboard your money can buy and want to know which one dartboard would recommend, the answer is 'Unicorn Eclipse Pro'. Period.

    Note: As a side note, I received and tested the NODOR Supamatch and the WINMAU Blade III and though I like both of these boards they can't take away Unicorns honors. Unicorn makes the best dartboard in the business today!"

    "Unicorn Eclipse Pro wins!" | Login/Create an Account | 2 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Unicorn Eclipse Pro wins! (Score: 1)
    by Darts501 on Monday, May 08 @ 07:58:35 UTC
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    A good read Erik,

    I have bee testing blade boards as well and will be adding my in-depth findings to my site shortly. I have tested a number of boards over a few years and this includes the Unicorn Eclipse, the Eclipse pro, the Winmau Blade, Blade II and Blade III and the Harrow’s matrix board. I have also used a Riley board (same as the DMI a few years back, the first blade construction board I used). I have tested these boards in pub environments and they have had both league and social play on them. Each board was dated photographed before and after so I will be able to show prospective buyers the difference in the deteriation as well as giving my views.

    The one major difference is with the Winmau blade III board compared to the Eclipse / Matrix /DMI is the construction it is very different. I will discuss the pro’s and con’s of these different constructions. I also retested the matrix board because the first board I had was so bad I believe the supplier had stored it in very hot dry conditions and it didn’t last at all so I complained to the manufacture who in turn sent me a new board to try.

    I have a lot of information and made sure the conditions for each board remained the same. I hope to post this up within the next few weeks but due to some personal circumstances I haven’t had the time to make many additions to my site.

    Re: Unicorn Eclipse Pro wins! (Score: 1)
    by Darts501 on Monday, June 12 @ 12:46:02 UTC
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Just to let you know I have finally finish my review of the main Blade Boards in the sold in the UK. You can read my views and view pictures.

    Sorry for the delay but to give a fair test on these boards durability in the same conditions has taken some time.


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