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     Care and feeding of a dartboard

    Darts & Stuff of Interesterik writes "or, To Soak Or Not To Soak: That is the question.

    I've heard (well read actually) much talk about spritzing, spraying, and even soaking a dartboard to make it last longer and breathe life into it. So, being the ever-adventurous kind I called my trusty pal Biggy Big Mountain and offered up my Unicorn Eclipse for some deep water diving.

    Before taking the board overboard (in the tub anyway) I got out a chunk of wood and a hammer! Why you might ask? Well quite simply I'd abused this board for over 18 months and the razor wires were beginning to lift out of the board a tad. Another fellow dart player had suggested pounding them back in and well; I'm up for just about anything! So there I was, pounding away with splintering pieces of 2x4 all about. Hmmm...this ain’t working.

    Soon the wood was gone and the hammer was a falling! I pounded those wires back into the face of the board and all was looking pretty well...until I decided one last hit to the bull area to settle matters and CRACK! The Double Bull ring fell in half! Ooops...

    So, the hammer worked fine provided I didn't get too darn crazy. My advice, if you have beat your board senseless for a couple years and the wires (Eclipse only folks) are sticking out a bit You CAN use a hammer and carefully pound them back in...or buy a new dartboard -- which may prove better anyway.

    OK, so I have digressed! I should be telling you about the dive into Biggy's tub. Not me though, but the Eclipse.

    After all the rumors about John Smiths Dad soaking his 'bristle' board for 24 hours to make it all nice and perfect and well, we had to try some soaking to see if it helped level the playing surface of the board which was now lumpy from much use.

    We soaked the board for 1 hour, then proceeded to let it dry, and dry and well after 4 days we were still waiting for it to dry!

    The lumps were all there, the board was somewhat warped, the outer ring was pushing away and well, despite the board being somewhat usable (did I mention wet) I'd have to say it would be MUCH better NOT to soak one of these things!

    Anyone want a wet dartboard?

    On a side note I have a board I received back in 1994, today it is still in good shape and Biggy uses it as a sometimes practice board. It's in fairly decent shape and has lived in Port Alice British Columbia, South Korea, Texas, Beaverton Oregon and Richland Washington -- so it's seen everything from dry desert to rainforest and you know what? It's still fine -- however, that is a direct result of very little use over the years.

    The moral of the story? If you abuse your dartboards (lots of play and practice) you will need a new one much sooner then if you leave it in the box and don't abuse it.

    Oh and don't soak your dartboard!

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    Re: Care and feeding of a dartboard (Score: 1)
    by Rags on Tuesday, March 21 @ 21:08:30 CST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I have not tried it myself, but since you have the damp project board maybe you can look into this.

    One player (and former dart supply store employee) told me you simply mist the board with a mixture of water and Main & Tail shampoo (you can get Main & Tail at Wal Mart, it is for horses). You let it soak/dry on a flat surface overnight, the get back to playing.

    Of course, your board sounds like it needs a heat gun and some epoxy. :^)

    Re: Care and feeding of a dartboard (Score: 1)
    by zeeple on Tuesday, March 28 @ 14:30:27 CST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    There are dartboards that require soaking to keep them in good shape but none of them are bristle! Some of the older log-end style boards required water maintenance but this has never been the case, to my knowledge, with any board made from sisal fibres. It is a fools errand, I tell you. (I say that nicely and with a sardonic smile.)

    Good thing you didn't 'hear' that you have to set your dartboard on fire to rejuvinate it. (Now I am just poking you in the eye.)

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