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Author practice practice practice

Joined on: 08/2002
Post: 8
Posted: 2002-09-14 on 05:19   
Ok ppl,
heres one for ya: practiced at home all week, go to play on sunday (warm up for about 15 - 20 min.) then shoot like crap .... waz up with that?????

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Joined on: 05/2002
Post: 49
New Jersey
Posted: 2002-09-15 on 08:57   
I find that when I don't shoot well, it has a lot to do with my rhythm and relaxation.

When I shoot at home I'm in total control of speed at which I shoot. When I shoot in league or at bars I tend to get a little anxious and I need to remind myself to slow down.

It's difficult to transfer the relaxed game you throw at your house to the bar atmosphere. What I find is that at that when I'm out and I start throwing poorly I put too much pressure on myself and I tense up. The way I've gotten over this is to continue to practice so that when I'm playing out and my game slips a little I still maintain a high level of game play. This allows me to keep my confidence high, I think confidence is so important. I'm not a fan of cockiness is sports, but because darts is such a mental game it can really help your game play. I believe that Practicing is the best way too keep your game sharp and your confidence high. I've also had a number of friends who claim they shoot better when thay have a few beers in them, it helps them to relax. If this works for you great, I personally shoot better when I'm shooting sober and I use deep breaths to relax. I hope this helps, shoot well.

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Joined on: 09/2002
Post: 3
Posted: 2002-09-17 on 11:50   
How do you practice? How much time? ETC....

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Joined on: 08/2002
Post: 8
Posted: 2002-09-21 on 03:33   
thanks for the tip, temp yesterday I went to where I shoot the tournaments and with no one around I was able to finish a game by myself in 11 rounds with no beers and 2 hat tricks to boot. I practice at home about 1 to 1 and a half hrs a day

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