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Dartplayer.net Forum Index >> Equipment >> Has anyone tried "The Smartest Dart?"
Author Has anyone tried "The Smartest Dart?"

Joined on: 05/2002
Post: 49
New Jersey
Posted: 2002-09-13 on 20:33   
Has anyone tried the \"Smartest Dart,\" I've read Tim Cronian's review on them and their homepage and they sound impressive, but do they live up to the hype?

Crow's Review:

Smartest Darts Homepage:

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Joined on: 09/2002
Post: 3
Posted: 2002-09-17 on 13:12   
I saw their website. They had some interesting thoughts. The darts seem cheap enough to give them a try.

Some say that it doesn't matter what dart your throw its all in the throw but I believe the dart has something to do with it.

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Joined on: 07/2002
Post: 3
Phoenix, AZ.
Posted: 2002-09-22 on 04:01   
What a load of crap! It's almost comical! Check out the "trainers" at the bottom of the page for 12 bucks a piece. (Bent coat hangers for 12 bucks?)

If you buy the darts, I wouldn't go around telling anyone that they are the "smartest darts" unless you can back it up in play. And if you buy the "trainers", be sure to hide them in the back of your closet before your dart buddies come over!

[ Edited by richfinn On Date 09/2002 ]

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Joined on: 06/2002
Post: 69
Toronto, Ontario
Posted: 2002-09-22 on 11:52   
I had the same reaction to the overblown claims and all-caps in the advertising copy. Crow's review is much more balanced, and is still favourable.

If the name on a dart meant anything, I'd be packing John Lowes (I've long been a fan) instead of Eric Bristows (I've never been a fan), but the long, thin darts suit my hand. Judge the dart by the dart, not the advertising, name, or bent coat hangers.

I've never tried the Smartest Dart, but I'd like to.

Any out is infinitely better than no out.

[ Edited by ECM On Date 09/2002 ]

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Joined on: 05/2002
Post: 49
New Jersey
Posted: 2002-09-23 on 17:51   
I agree that I would like to try them. It's a tough call because I really like Tim's webpage and in the past he has been a great help to me with questions I have emailed him about the Dartmaster III and the Par Darts board. Still the ads seem over-blown and the other stuff they sell on the site is besides the darts seem to be crap. I mean come on, the Arm Trainer!

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Joined on: 08/2002
Post: 6
Manila, Philippines
Posted: 2002-09-25 on 01:47   
This is for the record. I had a game in a bar with a guy who uses his "newly-ordered-top-of-the-line SMARTEST DARTS"(yes that's what he told me) from the internet. He's quite good actually and the darts I used is my trusted well-worn (I have been using is for five years and still counting) Unicorn Gold John Lowe darts which I won't replace even with a hundred "whatchamacallit" darts. I beat him fair-and-square. He do made excuses after the game (as they always do) but I hope from you guys that I made a statement clear. IT DOESN'T TAKE A NEW AND IMPROVED (AS THEY SAY) KIND OF DARTS TO WIN GAMES. IT IS HOW YOU THROW YOUR DARTS THAT MATTERS.

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Joined on: 09/2002
Post: 3
Posted: 2002-09-25 on 10:09   
I don't think there is any question that it's your stance, throw, mind set that will make you throw darts well. I think what needs to be decided on is whether or not a specific dart that is specially scietifically designed will allow you to throw more accurately. Obviously there are thousands of different darts but even though a player may be good with one set of darts does that mean that they wouldn't throw better if they had a set that was proven to be better to throw than the set they use. Just as there are golf clubs that are better to use than others. If you use the same exaxt swing with a cheap club as you do a expensive club the ball will go farther. Is it the same with darts???

As far as the training devices I have some thoughts on those as well. Although they may seem cheesy and although I haven't tried any of them it seems to me that there may be some benfit to them. Just like any other sport darts requires your body to develop muscle memory. Thats why golfers will hit balls at a driving range one after another to develp that memory in their muscles. So too with darts and usually this is done by practicing on a board but I would think that there would be some advantage in working out those muscles. Maybe someone should conduct a study and put those darts and their equipment to the test. In fact I wouldn't mind being the guinea pig if that company wants to sponser me.

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Joined on: 07/2002
Post: 8
Posted: 2002-09-25 on 15:04   
After looking at the dart I don't see anything special about it. The moveable point may be good but unless you play on beat up boards you shouldn't have too many problems with bounceouts. Other than that the grooves look similar to Bottleson's EDGE grip. No dart is going to make you shoot better unless you practice, maybe if you think you have the smartest dart it will make you practice more!

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