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Dartplayer.net Forum Index >> Equipment >> What kind of shafts?
Author What kind of shafts?

Joined on: 05/2002
Post: 22
New Jersey
Posted: 2002-08-06 on 09:42   
I have been using the nylon shafts (without shaft rings) for about 2 years now and I'm pretty partial to them. While I like the look of aluminum shafts, I find that the nylon are easier with maintenance. I find aluminum shafts bend while nylon just break.

I keep away from the shaft rings because they tend to deflect the dart out of the target, while without them the flight pops off but the dart hits the target.

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Joined on: 06/2002
Post: 48
Toronto, Ontario
Posted: 2002-08-09 on 23:33   
I've been using nylon shafts (with shaft rings) since the first time I found my aluminum shafts bent almost ten years ago. Actually, that's not true; for three or four months I couldn't find nylon and switched to Alamos. The Alamos are good, but I prefer nylon. About a year ago I switched from medium to short shafts.

I've heard that about the shaft rings, but it must be a pretty rare occurence to have one flight deflect off another. While the rings hold the bases of the tines snug, they spread the tips slightly. With or without rings, nylon tines don't hold as hard as aluminum ones.

Another advantage of a nylon shaft is that it's a lot easier to insert fabric, Ruthless, or any other heavy-duty flight into one than into any shaft with metal tines. This may seem like a minor point until you have to fix equipment in the middle of a big game. You're trying hard to stay calm and focussed on the game, to Think Like a Champion, and the *#[email protected] flight won't go into the #*@& shaft!

Any out is infinitely better than no out.

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Joined on: 05/2002
Post: 22
New Jersey
Posted: 2002-08-12 on 06:36   
I've been there!! I don't miss trying to fit a brand new flight into an aluminum shaft which was clamped a little too hard at the factory, and winding up with a screwed up flight.

I don't care how careful you are there are some shafts which just wont give.

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Joined on: 06/2002
Post: 38
Brownsville Texas
Posted: 2002-08-13 on 17:43   
Well, I've heard them called a gimick but I really do love my Top-spin aluminum shafts. So far I have yet to have any trouble inserting any flights. They may get a little loose after a few weeks but that just takes a small adjustment. And the top spin shafts are designed a little thicker the deeper the flight goes in so the top portion of the spines is always open. If you understood that, thank you. It's hard to explain. So, I never have troubles with flights, and the oly set that actually bent on me were the ones that fell on cement and broke. So far the topspins are very durable and won't bend easily. All that and my flights spin out of the way of incoming darts. I can see the difference in my game when I use the top spins and when I use regular aluminum or nylon.

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Joined on: 05/2002
Post: 22
New Jersey
Posted: 2002-08-14 on 06:57   
Hey if they work, they work. I used the aluminum (without the spinning) for years and I really liked them. When the ends got bent I used the tool to fix them.

One night a guy at the bar a guy asked me to check my shafts, so I stared down the barrel, they were straight. Then he took my dart and rolled it back and forth on the bar (without a flight) and sommabitch two out of three were bent, but it was difficult to see without rotating the dart rather quickly. Now I donít know if this effected my game a whole lot, Iíve seen people throw with flights that I swear have been through a war. Still it was enough for me to switch to nylon.

As for the spinning shafts, they have a more complex mechanism and I donít know if they are susceptible to the same problem.

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