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Moderated by: Jason
Dartplayer.net Forum Index >> Equipment >> What Darts do you throw?
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Author What Darts do you throw?

Joined on: 01/2002
Post: 46
Posted: 2002-05-27 on 22:20   
Ok, I think I am going to try to get input on a few different subjects.
I throw Black Widows, and not because I think it is prestigious or anything. They just happen to fit my hand the best. Wondering what everyone else throws and why. (money, feel, looks, or any other reason you have) I was really dead set against paying that much for any darts, but I couldn't find anything else that fit my hand that well. That is my reasoning. Anyone else?

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Joined on: 05/2002
Post: 2
Christchurch New Zealand
Posted: 2002-06-02 on 14:36   
I have been playing for approximately twenty five years and I have found that John Lowe darts suit me fine. Would never try anything different. 21.5gms. They are perfectly weighted. Cheers, Bob.

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Joined on: 01/2002
Post: 46
Posted: 2002-06-02 on 18:14   
Cool! I have been playing for about 10 yrs I guess. Only about a year and a half on anything organized. And by the way, since you brought it up, I throw 28 grams. Thanks for the input. Wish more people would use these forums to learn and ask questions. It sure would have helped me when I started. I played for a long time at home thinking I couldn't possibly be good enough to compete at anything.

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Joined on: 04/2002
Post: 2
Rochester, NY
Posted: 2002-06-04 on 07:44   
I have a few different sets of darts, but I too throw Black Widows in steel competition. I throw Black Eagles in soft-tip competition. They have the same finish as Widows, but the barrels are longer and thinner. They're excellent for throwing tight groups. I bought them both about a year ago and they really have helped my game.

Not only do they feel fantastic, but they hold up better than any other dart that I have thrown. The finish lasts a long time. Laser really has the best product on the market.

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Joined on: 06/2002
Post: 6
College Station Texas USA
Posted: 2002-06-06 on 16:03   
The darts I throw are warriors. they are 21 grams. The reason I chose them is because of the smooth barrels. I dont like barrels with bumps or ridges. Its hard to find smooth barrels. I am always on the look out for some. I also us spin top shafts with nylon rip stop flights
Never Say Die!! AND When In Doubt Throw The BULL!!

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Joined on: 01/2002
Post: 46
Posted: 2002-06-10 on 04:51   
I have to have the ridges. My hands get really dry(dry enough that rosin actually makes it worse after a while) so I tried a set of Great Whites that had alot of grip in the cutting of the barrel. But after a while those all wore smooth and I started throwing darts straight up in the air or not even making it to the board. So I decided that I needed something with ridges or notches cut into them, so the Widows worked out very well.
FOCUS! and J.T.T.F.D. !!!!

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Joined on: 06/2002
Post: 44
Brownsville Texas
Posted: 2002-06-13 on 17:31   
Well, I'm a rookie really. I learned to play Cricket in college 3 years ago and I haven't stopped. I have been in three tournys and one the last one, brought home $60. But since I'm still a budding young cricket player, I throw Halex brand tungsten. 16 grams, with top spin long shafts and pentatholon flights. I bought these at Wal-Mart. The original darts cost me $9.00 But I can and have out played many a guys here in Brownsville that tote around over $500 in darts. I figure as long as they feel good and fly straight then it's all good.
Now for a question:
Is there any reason that most people throw heavier darts when they play steel tip? I am a softy, and I've been toying with the idea of buying the screw on steel points. But after all the posts and talking to some guys everyone seems to throw at least 20grms. I wonder if my trusty 16s won't cut the mustard?

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Joined on: 01/2002
Post: 46
Posted: 2002-06-14 on 20:25   
Ok, I am not much more than a rookie myself, but from what I have experienced, I prefer the heavier darts because they take less effort to get them to the board. Seems like it would take more, but the inertia once thier movement is started lasts longer than lighter darts whose flights alone make a big difference in how they fly. I wouldn't go any higher than about 30 though. I have seen really heavy darts just tear up a dart board. Pushes the wires into the fibers and such. If you are doing good with 16's, then by all means, keep throwing them! Just my opinion though, maybe somebody with more experience will add some insight. I have been playing competitively (sp ) for a little over a year.
FOCUS! and J.T.T.F.D. !!!!

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Joined on: 06/2002
Post: 2
Orange County, CA
Posted: 2002-06-17 on 11:55   
I've been throwing off and on for about 15 years now. The first set I ever bought were some brassies made by Crossman, Black Knights I think they were called. First good darts I bought were DMIs, I used them for a long time; loved those darts! I've used hammerheads too but didn't really like how they felt, balance was kinda funny. I've had darts from about every major manufacturer (Accudart, Unicorn, Dart World, Bottlesen). Now I'm using some "no name" English Darts that I bought from my local shop for about $40.00. They are 90/10 tungsten 28 gm darts. They are finely knurled and stick very well.

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Joined on: 06/2002
Post: 79
Toronto, Ontario
Posted: 2002-06-29 on 15:00   
I used to throw Unicorn's old Five Groove in 24g, knurled. Used them for nine years, and just retired them this March.

I had a brief flirtation with Hammerheads, also 24g and fine knurled, but they're longer than my Unicorns, and don't balance quite the same. More important, the knurling is much sharper than the well-worn Unicorns, and they wouldn't release consistantly. What's annoying is that I can't throw my most expensive darts consistantly well, but had my best game of 301 DIDO (7 darts) with them.

My current darts are Harrows Eric Bristow signature PowerPoints in 22g. I love the grooves. They give me a more secure grip than the worn-out Unicorns, and release better than the Hammerheads. I put my thumb and index finger at the extreme back end of the barrel, and the Bristows are among the very few darts with grooves all the way back.

In contrast with the people looking for heavier darts for steel-tip, I'm tempted to go lighter: 20 grams, maybe less.
Any out is infinitely better than no out.

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