Youth League stats 2008/09 Season

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  1. Rocky

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    after 4 weeks of play:

    Steven Wilcox 16/19 (10 years old)
    100+ = 12
    HIgh Out 50 (18 X16)
    High Scores: 101 120 X2 , 140 X2

    Shawn F 15/19 (17 years old)
    100+ = 13
    High Out
    High Scores: 118, 127

    Donny B 4/15 (11 years old)
    100+ = 2

    Randy B 7/12 (9 years old)
    High Score 114

    Dakota D 1/11

    MEgan F 3/12

    Mike S 1/1

    We have many tyke players also but i will update when they get a bit more into the season.....

    I will update these scores weekly...
  2. BlackHorse

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    Nice to read about, thanks Rocky.

    Keep up the good shooting, young guns! Ringer and Radar, you are setting high standards and I am sure you are even looking to improve on them, score-wise I mean, wtg. 8) 8)
  3. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Tonights league seen for the Tykes Colton take the 2 games with Austin second...

    The senior level seen Shawn(Radar) and Steven (Ringer) both win 5/5 games with Shawn hitting 3 100's and a 125

    These two are really aiming for the top...

    Dakota took 3 of 3 from Donny Randy took 2 of 2 from Matt... All in all it was a good night for the youth players...

    Next weeks games will be a bit more as Cricket will be added into the games... This will be entertaining darts for sure!

    Steven 21/24
    Shawn 20/24
    Randy 9/14
    Dakota 4/14
    Donny 4/17
    Megan 3/17
    Mike 1/6
    Matt 0/6

    i must add in here that 5 of these players are under the age of 12.... Steven and Randy are 10 Donny 11 Dakota 12 and Megan 12.....Shawn is 17 and mike 15.... These young players have the skill and eddiquite obetter then lots of adults.. and it shows in their darts... Keep an eye on the stats... it will become interesting!
  4. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Week Six:

    Senior level league play:

    Shawn F. 5/5 wins Shawn also started the evening out first game with a 180... nice work shawn... he also had some high scores for the evening

    Steven went 5 for 5 tonight also, again with high scores..
    Rough night for Dakota and Megan, coming up against steven and shawn, but well played games non the less..

    Mike is still on the learning stage, but shooting much better each week.
    Donny, Randy and Matt are getting better, readieing themselves for the darts ontario zone shoots in January.

    Tyke this week was fun, Colton extends his winning streak with 3 wins .. this kid is out to prove himselve as a top player i think...


    Steven 26/29
    Shawn 25/29
    Randy 11/16
    Donny 5/20
    Dakota 4/19
    Megan 3/22
    Matt 1/6
    Mike 1/8

    High scores this week:
    Shawn with his 180, 121 and two TOns
    Steven 125, and three Tons

    This week we chose a new President Shawns father is now the president and I will still be the coach and director of the league, We took pictures of all the players for thier profiles and a team picture also, We also hve a lady that will be doing up a web site for the youth league, where we will profile each player, their stas weekly and their accomplishments and up coming tourneys, please watch this forum for the launch of this website!

    Great shooting players, keep up the great work!

  5. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Week 7, things still going good, added more new players tonight, and one even won his first game .. Way to go Thomas...

    This evening seen Shawn against Matt, unfortunatly for Matt shawn was on fire and went 4/4 with 121, 100's and 118.140. .good shooting

    Steven Fired off another great night also going 4/4 shooting 3 Ton's a 121 and a 140 Mike has still been improving weekly, but unfortunatly Steven got the best of him but the games were still close. (little side note, mike played the coach afterwards and kicked his butt.... guess i better start taking lessions from the kids hey...LOL Good shooting mike!)

    Dakota improved her standings with a 3/5 win against Donny, who shot a 119 in the last match.Good work Dakota. improving weekly!

    MEgan and Randy came against each other tonight, bit rough for both tonight but Megan came out on top with a 3/5 win.

    On the Tyke side we had our new player (Thomas)win and Another new weekly winner Jacob, Colton just couldnt keep his winning streak together but played some great darts, Another new player Emma, played fine darts and showed great skills of a future champion!

    Good Work players,

    Steven 30/33
    Shawn 29/33
    Randy 13/21
    Dakota 7/24
    Donny 8/25
    MEagn 6/27
    Mike 1/10
    Matt 1/12

    Winning Ton's and HIgh Scores and High FInishes So far:

    Steven TONS 20
    High Scores 6
    High outs 2 50, 68

    Shawn TOns 20
    High Scores 5
    180 1

    man are these two matched great... its good to see this compitition...
  6. BlackHorse

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    Great shooting by the kids, wtg.

    Excellent guts for the ones taking it on the chin from Ringer and Radar, you are showing a lot of determination, fortitude and super sportsmanship. Wish more adults were like you. Here's hoping the league time is improving your game and attitude to serve you very well in the future. 8) 8)
  7. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Week 8

    Again, The top condenters shot the lights out of the compitition... Shawn came against Randy thisweek, firing off 140, 140, tons.... to take the night 5 games for 5 games.... Randy made every game close, he also was on doubles each game.. Nice try Randy, your time os coming.

    Steven fired a many ton plus shots and cleaned Matt 5 games straight, One thing, these other players sure know how much they have to pick it up to play these two... Good Work Steven....

    Dakota continues her winning streak with 4 wins over Mike... including one cricket game... Mike is still improving and kept every game to a double....

    Megan and Donny went head to head firing off 4 games also, 3 501 and one cricket...where they split the night games 2/2.. good work players..

    In the tykes side, Nick went winning ways again wining the first set of darts, and Colton again won winning the second set... more new players attended this week,, good to see more becoming interested in the sport....

    NExt weeks games will be interesting as Shawn trys to take over first place, and steven trys to protect first and go further ahead of Shawn, in a Top two players event... These two will for sure bring their best games to the boards.... 5 games of 501 and one cricket will be played....I really wish i had a video camera for this one... wil be blood for blood i think... Good luck to both!

    This Sunday the towns Parade will be held, and the youth league will be selling Award Winning Chili and coffee as our first fundraiser for the season... Lets hope we sell out... we have the youth players selling and showing thier support for the league... Have fun players!

    See you all next week!
  8. radar

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    is our team website up yet? I kinda forgot the url.

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