World Darts Championship draw

Discussion in 'Dart News' started by SkySports RSS, Nov 26, 2018.

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    Anastasia Dobromyslova and Lisa Ashton are on crash courses to play Simon Whitlock and Mervyn King respectively at the World Darts Championship.

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  2. Squiggle

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    There are some really good first round match ups. Every year there's at least one "big dog" who goes home in the first round. I wonder who it will be this year? I could see Keegan Brown winning his preliminary match and then giving Jelle Klaasen a serious run for it. Also I feel like Van der Voort or Llagan could give Darren Webster headaches in the first round. I think James Wade could be one to watch in this event. This one has eluded him for years. He's been playing really well recently and even if he doesn't win, he can certainly play spoiler.
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    Not to shoot you in the foot with Wade but I think the dark horse pick is Ratajski. He seems to be pretty hot lately too...recently had a win against RvB. Should be interesting. Is BBC America gonna show it? Hope so!
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    I saw posts the other day that BBC America will INDEED be showing it again
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