With over 71,000 posts in General alone, did FB kill the forum?

Discussion in 'General Dart Talk' started by Erik, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Erik

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    I've been wondering how many realize that Facebook is more of a problem for forums like this than anything else?

    Did it kill the forum? With over 71,000 posts in General alone (and that's after dumping 200k or so during the site move) one wouldn't think so, after all, how could FB replace a place like this solely dedicated to darts?

    Personally, I do think FB played a large roll as well as Twitter because the big advertisers who supported sites like this a dozen years ago, have all moved to 'social platforms'....along with most if not all members (except CraigB). However, people are the reason a site like this exists and in the end when they migrate to other places (life changes, disputes, dislike of one another, whatever) either new people come along and replace them, or they don't. This, I think, is where FB comes into play. If for example, Blackhorse gets upset with someone on the forum (maybe it was me? who knows or remembers) and leaves for FB either someone else comes along and replaces him, or they don't. Forums exits only as long as enough people coming to them post in them which is a way of supporting the forum.

    Why post? Because it generates activity. One post alone might bring in a dozen or even a hundred people to read and respond and that folks is called 'traffic'. Traffic is what pays for a site to exist because advertisers want people to see their products. For example, if the site gets a million hits a day (that used to be the case here actually) than a big company like Unicorn will want to advertise there so lots of people see their ads. A site, however, that gets only a few thousand a day is less likely to garner much attention other than with friends and family.

    Today is a great example: 80 actual visitors at one point and two members.....and two posts. The visitors (not bots, there were 8 bots at the time) were reading various parts of the forum but not registering, logging in or posting. This is great to see the activity but it doesn't help the site survive. It's enough traffic to justify paying a hosting fee maybe, for a short time anyway, but after nearly 20 years existence when a site only has visitors and no new activity it becomes stale and is less likely to generate new content....meanwhile people are posting what they ate all day long on Facebook....and therin lies the key: Facebook has every dart player in the world posting there....much of it having nothing to do with darts, and that is what really hurts the forums.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, just thinking about all the years here keeping the site alive and realizing that without your posts, the site has no reason to continue.
  2. VanO

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    I hear you Erik! I am no fan of Facebook although it is a near necessity for a business.

    I’ve only been part of one other forum and it was about wood fired oven cooking! In its case it was sponsored by an oven retailer and lacked some of the challenges you mention. There was such great debate among bakers and oven owners and builders and such. In fact the oven I built for our restaurant and the techniques I use on a daily basis were aided by a great many posts on that forum. I think it has been replaced by FB also. :mad:

    As for darts, I have learned and re-learned more here than anywhere! Sadly I was not a part during its “heyday!” That’s when I was probably learning to bake(which was a good thing :)). I certainly would have enjoyed it! So many members past and present posted some rather profound stuff. It takes effort as well as expertise to do so! Crafting a logical and precise as well as concise answer to a sometimes complicated issue requires creativity! Many of your past and present members did exactly that. I hope I have helped people with my understanding of motor akills from golf, others creating practice games that focus on specific improvement, @kennyg with his insights into design and machining!

    I hope those who read this feel compelled to join the site if they haven’t and dig up some old posts. Existing members will hopefully try to be more active and bring new members to the forum as well. I know I will. Once this virus thing goes away I hope to find a place and a couple of boards and will hopefully create a”league” of sorts and maybe some new members along the way!

    Cheers everyone! Let’s try to keep this cool place a worthwhile place to go. Now I’m off to try to craft the next part of “The Search for the Perfect Dart Stroke“ article!
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  3. AmericanBadAss

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    Well said Erik. Similarly I belong to a truck forum, and I've gotten a lot of good hacks for my truck plus some deals on parts and met a lot of great people..just like this place.

    Working the 2 jobs is also a thing still..and of course, Covid19..
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  4. Erik

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    All of the above. Facebook is really going downhill too and the political divide there is wide -- it isn't the same as discussing things face to face -- so I actually think FB will die off like MySpace at some point. But who knows? Meanwhile, forums just don't get the posts they used to and that's sad since they are infinity better for that kind of thing. Just try searching a forum for old posts vs FB and the organization of posts is so much better....but I am old ;) Maybe that's just me :D
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  5. AmericanBadAss

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    Makes sense unless you happen to belong to a group there, but even that can still have challenges. I belong to a bike one there and it's small enough to still be able to easily find things.

    I don't even bother with the politics thing..I have different views plus a wide range of friends. Speaking of..do you still have the other site you had up at one point?
  6. Erik

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    SEWA? Or just the phpnuke site?

    SEWA-Darts.com expired but I'd merged it into Dartplayer.net a long time ago so this is SEWA just as much as Dartplayer.

    The phpnuke files are hidden on a drive somewhere but it was so old an outdated that I had to upgrade it. This software is much better in so many ways (just paste a pic in to see or share a video etc)

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