Who is the Individual Champion?

Discussion in 'General League stuff' started by KopRalph11, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. KopRalph11

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    I am running this in the general section in a hope to get as many votes on the poll. I understand that each league has its own ways of defining the singles champion. It is within the parameters of league darts that imo make it hard to define a singles champion. With team games and doubles being included in the Win Point (WP) category. My contention is that its simply the luck of the Turn to on who takes out the game winning dart. Take doubles cricket for example. One person may hit turn after turn of 5 marks or better in turn setting up the partner to take out the last scoring dart. The better player arguably is the person whom created the winning dart opportunity. Irrespective on whom takes it out.

    When I first started playing A league seriously I had believed it was always the Win Point champion whom was the league singles champion. However, I clearly noticed that I could have a really off leg and still take the winning point. However being consistent seems to have a greater benefit to the team as a whole. Creating opportunities to win seems more important. Whomever hits that winning point.

    Opinions folks.
  2. Robot

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    IMO singles champion can only be based on win/loss record. There is luck of the draw when it comes to who you play, but it usually averages out in a season.
    You can hit all of the 5 marks and Tons you want, it won't always win you the game. I understand people like seeing the list and stat people love it, but I think it hurts the game. I've seen players shoot for a triple point to hit a 5 mark instead of shooting a single bull to win the game. It can take away the rhythm of the game when players have to report them as well.
  3. KopRalph11

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    Agreed Robot, That is exactly how I had thought about it.
    Now I almost want to think about it like the MVP being the champ.
    ESP if he isn't the type you described.
  4. Chitown599

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    It's the won points that gets my vote. Doesn't matter how many hits you have, if you don't get the hit that wins the game, what difference does it make. Stats are for glory hounds, won points are for champions.
  5. JDNY

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    The player with the highest MPR is most often the best player.

    Total marks hit divided by total darts thrown.

    Specialty points for 5, 6, 7, or 9 marks really don't mean much.
  6. LBD

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    In the team league I play in we play both singles and doubles and only the singles games count for singles champions and there's two one for cricket and one for 01. Also we keep records of highlights but they are only for show and don't play in to league standings. Also I would have to think the more consistent player 5 marks ave would also be the one throwing more winning darts over time and it would show unless they have a problem choking at the end of the game/leg. Our captain keeps meticulous records of everybodies wins/losses and with which partners and its funny to see which pairs have a better win record not usually the ones you'd think. I guess that's why it's a team game.
  7. rob

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    end of year singles tournament for all players in the league... is really the only way! :D

    you certainly need an opportunity at the win to hit it...

    so maybe only include the win points for singles matches instead of the team games... and then the win points will be the clear way to go if you cant have a tourney.
  8. PinPoint

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    I personally think that the person that hits the most 5+ counts consistently is probably the more proficient, or technically skilled, shooter. However, you don't necessarily have to be the best player to be the winner - luck goes both ways for everyone - and I think that the winner at the end of the day is all that matters.
  9. Mervyn

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    Based on those two options without a doubt it has to be wins.

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