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By site_admin on Nov 7, 2016 at 7:33 AM
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    I was recently asked by a casual darter as I picked up several sets of my darts from the post office "what does it take to get good enough to hit what you want?"

    My answer was "time".

    Her reply was "time? as in take your time when you throw?"

    I answered: No, but rather time on the board.

    You see, while everyone is different I think time is the real difference in making an accurate dart player. It takes a lot of time just hitting the board over and over again to develop your throw. So take the time, hit the board often, then hit it more and more and more. Wear the board out, get a new board and do it again and again.

    In time, you will develop your throw and accuracy but don't get discourage too early. Some, like me, have spent more time throwing darts than others have spent working!

    Play often, practice more, and let time do it's thing.


Discussion in 'Articles' started by site_admin, Nov 7, 2016.

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      That's a Q/ in which maybe id say is different to different darters EriK
      Personally im very good at the game , as fortunately for me I had it in me from the off when a young guy in the mid 70sWhereas others tried to practice hard to make up but they just hadn't the game in them to come close to my near perfection so often as they realized themselves this guy is very good and I thank the honest ones for such .So ye for me darts is in you as a good player or not but even if notthen like so many I play against inc Ronnie whoms easily beat so far from counting between us both from 2 wks past its me 32 games to Ronnies 5 games and that's good for Ronnie against me as one time he couldn't win 1 single game although I have heard hes been hitting the practice as had been fed up with myself winning all before me taking on one after the other and sending them homewards tae think again ..Ye they at times send in the younger better darters to try their luck v myself on odd time and they then see how good i am as a darts player but its all good when you have a champion in your club as it spices things up ive heard from auld Geordie whom said im good for the game over therecheers George and next time im through in your part of Scotland im sure to say none of you shall win one single game V as Ronnie now calls me The KingPin fae Fife ..Take care guys as a ken yeese miss meuntil a week or so awe the best and plan ahead as to how youse can try put me off my game because you all know if played fairly then youse hiv nae fat chance . Byeee the noooo  :) 

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