What brand of soft tips?

Discussion in 'Soft tip/Electronic Leagues' started by Erik, May 29, 2015.

  1. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    What brand of soft tip darts do you use? Model?

    Of course, for me, it's SEWA's made by REd Dragon / NODOR
  2. Crash336

    Crash336 New Member

    Hey Erik, been a while, couldn't pass-up this topic.

    I have over 20 sets of soft tip darts, but for the last year I have been using
    Monster Helios II 90% Soft Tip Darts (22 Grams) with L-Style shafts (carbon) and flights.

    When i play BullShooters (last played in Virginia Beach) I use a set of Puma Darts (Scott MacKinzie) that I had custom grooved by Atlanta Darts (hmm. 5 or so years ago) they are appox 19.5 grams but never have been questioned about being over the weight limit. When I slip down to Florida and play for LOD money I throw my original BalancePoints (Ton80 model). These are 18 Grams, some of the Bars get real picky about weight when money is involved.
  3. Erik

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    Thanks for the reply. Got pics?
  4. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator



    Others? I KNOW there are those here who play soft tips...
  5. coulomp

    coulomp New Member

    Tiga Fusion Amin Abdul Ghani Signature 18g with in-between carbon spin fit flight shafts with w shape flights with st lip points
  6. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Never heard of those? Got a pic?
  7. habanerojooz

    habanerojooz New Member


    Here are the soft tip models that I throw, along with some details on the overall setup:

    Brand: Monster Barrels Design
    Model: Hades II
    Total Weight: 18 gm (2BA and No.5), 20 gm (2BA)
    Shaft: L-style Laro Carbon (260 length, aka in-between length)
    Flights: L-style Champagne Slims or Bullet
    Points: L-style Lippoints

    I had a 20gm model developed for DARTSLIVE boards as they allow darts up to 25 gms. But I use the 18gm models more than the 20gm model.

    The Hades models are my signature barrels that I designed. Hades II is version 2.0 of the original Hades model. Both have an aggressive reverse cut grip.

    Hades II 18gm No.5: http://www.a-zdarts.com/Products/Monster-No-5-Soft-Tip-Darts-Hades-II__28-4016-18gm.aspx
    This is the No.5 tip, 18gm fully dressed. The design principle behind the No.5 was was to have more tungsten in the nose, making the barrel balance feel more like a steel tip barrel.

    Hades II 20gm 2BA: http://www.a-zdarts.com/Products/Monster-Hades-II-90-Soft-Tip-Darts__28-1016-20gm.aspx
    This is a 2BA tip, 20gm fully dressed. I had this weight developed for DARTSLIVE boards which accept a heavier soft tip dart.

    Hades (original version) 18gm 2BA: http://www.a-zdarts.com/Products/bb-Monster-Hades-90-Soft-Tip-Darts__bb-28-1002-18gm.aspx
    This is the original Hades model in 2BA, 18gm fully dressed. Now that the new Hades II model is for sale, this original model is being phased. Get this original model while supplies last as this original model is no longer being manufactured.
  8. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Guess it's too early! I couldn't see them on the site (clicked a couple different links. Do you have a specific link?

    And members of your standing can plug away ;)
  9. KopRalph11

    KopRalph11 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    All I have to say is that DJ has some of the coolest dart toys I have ever seen.
  10. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Well I'm hoping to see them soon ;) (as in he ought to post a pic ;) )
  11. habanerojooz

    habanerojooz New Member

    I updated my post above with links. :)
  12. bulldozer

    bulldozer Member

    After testing loads of top quality soft tip darts The Red Dragon 20g Gerwyn Price soft tips are really good, So are the Winmau Simon Whitlocks 20g soft tips but for me the best are some 24g One80 Nighthunter Sting steel tip darts that I had altered to become 20g soft tips. There is no equal.
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  13. jen_weekes

    jen_weekes New Member

    I currently use short Lippoints and think they are a decent tip. Don't break a whole lot, but sometimes have trouble sticking in looser boards.
    Been thinking about switching to fitpoints short, but I've never seen anybody use them alot of fitpoint plus users though. Does anybody know are the fitpoint shorts as good as the plus?
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  14. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Welcome to the site! I use (d) fitpoint standards and actually they are very good. Best tip I've used though I was primarily a steel tip player in the softtip world. So I guess take that for what it's worth but after 4 decades of playing darts I must admit the Fit points impressed me and I often used them on a steel board in practice even. They held up very well and I like the tool style tip as they are secure and easy to remove when broken.

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