Vegas Baby! Um.. now where can I play?

Discussion in 'Places to Play' started by Squiggle, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Squiggle

    Squiggle Active Member

    Anyone out there know a good spot to shoot some darts in North Las Vegas? I'm looking for steel, but I brought my soft tips too so I'll do electronic if that's all there is. Doesn't have to be a blind draw or tournament. Just wanted a place to relax and shoot some arrows. Thanks!
  2. scabmachine

    scabmachine New Member

    take a look here you might be able to find some venue's but i can't be sure .
  3. AmericanBadAss

    AmericanBadAss Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    Rum Runner's. There were 4-5 of them in Vegas when I was there in 2005. The one on Tropicana only had soft but there is another one 10 min away with steel, a dart shop, and a LOD Friday night back then. Check it out.
  4. Squiggle

    Squiggle Active Member

    Thanks so much. I'm only here a couple days. That will help a ton.
  5. aboji

    aboji New Member

    There is a place off the strip (not far) called CD's Lounge.

  6. DEREK

    DEREK Active Member

    The Queen Victoria at the Riviera....I was in Vegas this past spring for a week. ALso there is a steel tip set up in the JW MArriot as well...small Irish pub inside the hotel with a board and such...
  7. Showboat00

    Showboat00 Member

    I'll be heading to Las Vegas in September and will probably have a couple of evenings free to sling some arrows (steel tip). I'll be sure to check out the pubs at the Riviera and Marriott mentioned above. Any more current info would be appreciated. Also, if any locals or fellow travelers want to hook up, feel free to PM me.

    Does anyone know if they are still running the Friday night LOD at Rum Runners? I was last there 4 years ago and had a blast.
  8. Rusty O'Toole

    Rusty O'Toole New Member

    I don't live in Las Vegas, but I work and play there. All of my reviews and comments are from a tourist point of view.
    Here's my picks for steel, (PROPER) darts in Vegas -not in any particular order:
    Cornish Pasty - 10 E Charleston Blvd- 2 boards good food, great service
    CD Sports Lounge 3025 E Desert Inn Rd, many boards, great people
    -I'll post more soon

    BTW, Gold Spike used to have ALL my business. 24/7 darts, just off Fremont St.
    They decided to put up fake, painted-on-a-wall boards. Frack em!
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