Two questions about Unicorn products.

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by RodmanRodman, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. RodmanRodman

    RodmanRodman New Member

    I have two questions. No big deal, just topics for conversation.

    1. Does anyone use any of the accessories that come with Unicorn darts? Case, shafts (other than the Grippers or Slick Sticks), the flights, or the flight protectors?

    2. (I made this one into a poll question.)
    Does anyone like Unicorn's Latinum series? From my ever-shrinking memory, I recall them touting this as the best grip they offer. I couldn't disagree more. I'm wondering if I'm alone here, because I also don't feel that the Unicorn golden coating gives any more or less grip than the natural tungsten and they've said that it does.

    Anyway, I assure you that I'm not bashing Unicorn here, just curious.
  2. mjcdrum

    mjcdrum New Member

    I have a set of World Champion John Parts in 27g. That's been the only Unicorn set that I can afford. They've been relegated to my back up darts (I'm using target Wayne Mardle's at present). The Latinum series looks exciting when they came out on the market. I was taken aback when I heard how many people had such a bad experience with them.

    I used the slik stik shafts that came with my JP's, but they tend to bend quite easily at the aluminum. I'll just stick to my nylon shafts with flight protectors.
  3. Robot

    Robot New Member

    I had a set of Latinum Kevin Painter's for a short while. They felt neat, but it doesn't really matter how they feel as long as they leave your hand cleanly.
    Some people like them, but just something different that is good for marketing.
  4. calebjkeen

    calebjkeen New Member

    In my four years of playing darts I have tried many Unicorn products. To whit, and in order of purchase:

    Lowe World Champion Golden in 21 gram (gave away once they went gray)
    Unicorn Maxi Wallet (gave away to brother)
    Taylor Purist Phase 2 (gave away to brother)
    Twomlow Hero in 21 gram (gave away to teammate)
    Unicorn Sigma 970 in 21 and 23 gram (both sold)
    Unicorn Sigma 950 in 22 gram (sold)
    Lowe Hero in 22 gram (still have)
    Lowe World Champion Golden in 21 gram (again, four years later)

    With some very brief exceptions I've been using Unicorn products the entire time I've been playing darts. I've almost always been satisfied with the level of quality (see the thread on the Sigma 950's I started last year for one of two exceptions, the other being the Gripper shafts which are total garbage).

    I've never been interested in the Latinum as a) I've heard it peels off and b) the idea of slick darts has never appealed to me. I quite like the feel of the golden titanium finish, though, and I currently throw the Lowe World Champion Golden with the golden Phase 5 SlikStik shafts. I'm a fan of the new screw-in replacements, even though I've yet to have any of the originals break on me.

    My next purchase will be another set of Lowe World Champions but with the new black finish and the new black Phase 5 shafts. Necessary? No. Fun? Sure thing.
  5. RodmanRodman

    RodmanRodman New Member

    Well Caleb, if there's one thing I'm totally on board with it's buying new darts without necessity! I do it constantly.

    Robbie, I agree with the marketing aspect you brought up. I've had numerous posts explaining my views on the virtues of marketing darting products and gimmicks. Moveable points... well, don't get me started.

    I, however, am a big proponent of the importance of the "feel" of a dart. Of course darts need to be released cleanly for true and consistent accuracy (You're a prime example of that. You should be on one of those slow-motion, YouTube videos with Taylor and Part), but feel is important (at least for me) for the mental aspect of throwing.

    If I think about my finger placement or any other aspect of my throw during a shot, I'm poked. I have to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Same applies for the feel of the dart. If I'm thinking about it (especially in a negative way)... again, poked.

    I may be the lone weirdo in thinking this way, but the "feel" of the latinum darts was the basis for my question in the first place.
  6. Tooleo

    Tooleo New Member

    I've Got a set of older Latinum John Lowes in 21gm that I really like. When they were brand new the coating felt awesome to me, not exactly slippery, but silky and easy to release. Never had issues with the dart slipping, but then Lowes are an easy dart to hold and I wrap my fingers around them pretty much exactly the same way John Lowe does. For a guy that grips darts with just the fingertips, latinum may not be the right choice...

    That said, I did have the issue of cracking, peeling latinum giving me slivers and essentially destroying the smooth feel that was the whole point of interest to begin with. Not a big deal for me 'cause I just removed the coating completely and throw them as natural tungsten darts now. I understand that the flaking issue has been resolved with later production runs.

    r.e. the cases and accessories, I sometimes keep the flights for practice and the cases I save for when I swap darts by mail, as they are tough as nails. While I'm a big fan of Unicorn in general, I've never been impressed by the quality of their flights or shafts.Deflecta grips all the way for me....

  7. 313

    313 New Member

    I voted "Don't like" - with the following qualification: the set of Bob Anderson soft tip Latinums I had were great (I'm one of the few it seems who like the feel of Latinum), for the couple of weeks it took them to start peeling...

    There should be some older threads around here that go deeper into the matter.
  8. Grey_Owl

    Grey_Owl New Member

    I have a set of Latinum 22g.

    I dont notice a difference. All they are a golden colored. At first you think you notice a difference but really when you are at the Oche are you thinking about what a great grip you have ... I hope not as all you should have in your mind is nothing but desire for that target.

    In Summary: New Car smell .. doesn't last but Unicorn darts are superb quality!
  9. KopRalph11

    KopRalph11 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    I know the golden ones are gold :lol: latinums are a dull silver
  10. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    Latinums were way too slippery for me. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum, only brand new Golden Purists give me a workable grip most of the time. It is a big problem for me.

    When I get a combination of dart and my fingers' texture (it changes regularly) that grips, I can hit well enough to put a big grin on my face. Unfortunately, it ain't that often.

    Latinums are metallic olive oil as far as I am concerned.
  11. Chitown599

    Chitown599 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    I use to use the John Lowe 27 gm Latinum darts. I shot well with them, and they felt good. The only thing was, they were a little shorter than I like my darts to be. Otherwise, I thought they were darts.
  12. Davin

    Davin New Member

    I have some Adrian Lewis 24 grams, GOLDEN. They grip like crazy! too much in fact sometimes..
  13. dsm1mtm

    dsm1mtm New Member

    I have Bob Anderson Latinums 18g steel darts. I love them and they were my primary set for a while. I love the slickness of the dart. It is true they peel quite easily, doesn't seem to effect the grip on mine too much. However, it does make them look ugly.
  14. Taechon

    Taechon New Member

    Damn Latnum darts are slick as snot! I would never buy a set. I think that if you have sweaty palms and fingers they may work for you. I did not like them at all.

    I do not currently use any of the Unicorn Products though I have several sets of darts.
  15. Charis

    Charis Active Member

    I think when we had this Latinum trivia contest there was quite a lot of discussion and most felt the darts were rather slippery.

    And I once asked after the different grips and got a reply from an expert ( I can´t remember who it was - only that it was a person who really should know) that the golden Unicorns have got the best grip and the grip that lasts the longest time.

    I am not quite sure but were there not some problems with the latinum coming down soon as well?
  16. Radamus

    Radamus New Member

    Howdy to the Team! My first post on here about an opinion I can offer.
    I love the feel of Golden Uni's - my throwing bud hates them, I throw Golden Purists and obviously the collection continues to grow. I've bought Unicorn products since the 80's - although I hadn't played for 20 years, I went right back to Unicorn.
    We're just a bunch of garage throwers trying to stay warm in the winter, but we go all out, I could run a small tourney in my basement and give everyone pro equipment to use- all Unicorn stuff. No one else likes the grip of the Goldens- which is fine, I don't even mention that they were NOT 10$ darts from Walmart- they wouldn't understand.

    Cheers! Len

    PS-I just got a set of the T-90's-23 and I gotta say, I'm liking them. They are plain obviously but I like a LOT of grip personally.
    Oh, and I've bought pretty much everything online from A-Z. guess I chose correctly!
  17. Special Ed

    Special Ed New Member

    Hello all...
    I'm new to this site but I've been on and off playing (mostly just gameroom at home, often alone and just throwing for the hell of throwing lol) since my folks got me my first board and darts set in one kit, probably around '82 or '83 when I was roughly 14 or so. I don't remember for sure what brand it was (probably Unicorn) but it was a thick, heavy board with the mounting triangle on top and two sets of what were basically bar darts, those brass barrels and one piece plastic shaft and flight, one set blue and the other was red. Flip the board over and on the back was a baseball diamond. The darts lasted about 15 minutes and the board made it through about a month or so before there was just no way to get the staples to hold the triangle. Even though my first experience with the game was at best a huge disappointment, it wasn't enough to completely turn me off. I was in Jr High at the time, so I had at least a little bit of cash flow, some from a part-time job, some from keeping my lunch money and some from my allowance. I had more than enough saved up to buy a better board and a couple sets of decent-ish darts. I've always been one to salvage the working pieces of an item before discarding it at the end of its life, so a small screwdriver and a lighter to remove the broken shafts from my first sets and some cheap replacement shafts and flights became the "house sets" for my friends to use when they came over to play, and I had my own set and replacement parts that were off limits to everyone else.
    Now it's over 35 years later and I still have a board that I got around 2017 and many, many sets of darts, tons of flights and shafts, along with a bunch of cases, point protectors, dart tools and stones. I got back in around 2014 or so and destroyed three boards between then and my current board.
    Ok, moving on... Most of my darts are Unicorn. A couple of their lines that I really like are Sparks, Striker, and from a slightly lower line... ST-90. The ST-90s are 90% tungsten and the other two are 80%, which leads me to wonder why the two sets with less tungsten were more expensive than the set with more tungsten, but whatever...
    About the GT-175. I had noticed the word latinum on the package, and didn't think much of it. They were 24gm, exactly what I liked, so I ordered a set. Whatever it was that made them $10 darts I had no idea, but whatever it was... How bad could it possibly be? Well, in 4 or 5 days I was going to find out. The second I got them out of the package I knew; I grabbed the barrel of one of them to get it out of the three point holder that secure it to the carrying case, and before even I twisted or pulled it, just putting my fingers on it was enough. I knew these were going to be really slippy. And I was right. I couldn't release them correctly to save my life. I still can't. I put them away in one of my dart drawers and left them there for a few months, took them out to try again but no luck. Back in the drawer, try again in a few months, nope and back to the drawer, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. I took them out tonight only to find that I still hate them, but no surprise there. For some reason I haven't tossed them in the trash yet. I don't really know anyone that still plays anymore so I can't give them away. It's nice to know it isn't just me that has a problem with Unicorn's Latinum darts.
    I realize this thread is super old, so the early posters may or may not be answering, but to anyone at all...
    Does anyone know of a way to remove the finish from these darts without using sandpaper? I'd like to get rid of that finish but I don't want to end up with sanding marks. If I come up with anything I'll post it here.
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  18. Special Ed

    Special Ed New Member

    First up was a product called Goof Off. No dice, but it did attack the black painted stripes. After a few hours soak time, it dissolved some paint but didn't do anything to the finish.
    Next up is Ronsonol lighter fluid.
    Results to follow...
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  19. VanO

    VanO Moderator Site Moderator

    I’m not familiar with the latinum darts but I do like their products. The coating sounds like it’s either anodized or it’s a PVD coating. If it’s anodized I would suggest soaking them in a heavy duty degreasing cleaner. Like Greased lightning or oven and range cleaner. Brush them and agitate it and it should come off. If it is PVD I think it would need to be sanded or blasted. Could chuck it up in a drill and use some wet superfine paper for that maybe.
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  20. Squiggle

    Squiggle Active Member

    I think that latinum coating is going to be a tough shell to crack. Some people like a "less grippy" dart (I, however, am NOT one of them) but those do seem a bit "slick".

    I'm still just digging on the nostalgia of the original post from back in the day. It's an awesome blast from the past reminding me of this site's heyday when the chat boards would be hopping all day long. Ironically, the OP (Rodman Rodman {yes, his real name}) was my doubles partner this weekend at the Music City Classic, and the 2nd reply was Robot, (Robbie Phillips) a top ranked US player who took me out of Cricket singles on his way to the semi finals Sunday. Now I'm going to spend half the day going through old posts getting all nostalgic!

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