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Discussion in 'Soft tip/Electronic Leagues' started by Erik, May 11, 2017.

  1. Erik

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    So we're going to play the summer Trios league which has a 28point cap. I finished last season about a 12 though that was after a few weeks of getting back into the game where I shot a 9...and at the end I shot a 14-15. My wife is a 2-3 and we'll likely pick up a 3 so even if I shoot all season as a 15 we'll likely max around 21 points -- or to put it another way, 7 points under the cap and likely where everyone else will be.

    What I'm wondering is how tough that will be overall? I'm assuming we'll play three 9's (or a mix of 7,9,10's etc) so the two 3's will struggle to win a leg though I think it would be good for them if they can take the beating and rise to the challenge.

    I should be ok in singles but imagine doubles and triples are going to be very tough unless I step it up even more.

    Thoughts? This is a non-handicap division.
  2. CraigB

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    Darci's a 2-3??? What a sandbagger!!! :lol:
  3. Erik

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    LOL ya, she hasn't played in a long time (maybe 8 years) and once a week without practice is not getting her back to her old game...that and she's fighting with the game itself (soft vs steel sort of thing)....but she's coming along (kicking and screaming ;) She wants her steel tips back)....

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