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Discussion in 'Youth Darters Forum' started by happyelmwood, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. happyelmwood

    happyelmwood New Member


    i thought that i better start a new subject the first one was getting big and this one is to talk about any tournament or practicing that we have been doing. today mini13 and myself had a dart tournament we didn't make it for doubles but we did with are other team mates from are leuge. well thats all i have to say for now. hope you like this subject.

    happyelmwood :lol:
  2. John_Part

    John_Part New Member

    Hello all,

    on the subject of practicing, we(the moderators) were discussing setting up a practice high scores table for you like the one in the practice forum.

    We were thing Cricket Count-Up, 30 darts at 20, and 30 darts @ bull would be the 3 games.

    What would you yewts like to see or play? :D
  3. Tom

    Tom New Member

    John, I for one would love that :D i have tried the other games and I think that that would be a sweet idea, I'm all for it if it adds more activity in the youth forum :)
  4. mini13

    mini13 New Member

    ya that would be a great idea i would really like that so all the youths could kinda get going on there darts and practice and everything so ya i would really like that :D
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think you all should decide on the games you would like to play for submitting practice scores. Give us your input on choices and then perhaps it can be worked out to have a practice ranking set-up for you. We may think we know what y'all will be comfortable and happy playing, but we need to hear it from you for the overall decision.
  6. Ringer

    Ringer New Member

    hi anne

    i myself like doing the round the world doubs and trips it takes me about and hour to finish it. i also like the 100@ game dad and i do this a lot of times during the week my best at 100@ 20's right now is 103 and for the 19's is 98 .

    i play 501 and 1001 everyday either before school or after my best game of 501 is 19 darts but usuall get around mid to high 20's my worst game is i think 48 lol bad day.
    i tryed John Parts blackbelt but decided to strangle dad for showing me this, John.. this is very hard but good pratice.

    Any games you come up with im willing to try!

  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    501 in 19 darts 8O 8O 8O

    ....JP and Rocky....he might be getting to that stage quicker than you think.

    Okay, Steven...I will start making a list and will wait to see what the others say too. :lol:
  8. Tom

    Tom New Member

    I'm up for whatever :)
  9. mini13

    mini13 New Member

    ya im with Tom i'll go for anything ... maybe ... lol
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Okay, then all we need is a response from HappyElmwood for now and I will see what we can do. :lol:
  11. Erik

    Erik Site Owner Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    One thing to consider is that we want all the kids we can get to participate so keeping the format shorter is likely desireable at first (like the one for the main site which actually started with just 3 practice games and eveolved into the one of today).

    I would recommend a tiered system where the youth members can participate in either of the tiers.

    Here is my idea:

    1. First level would be games like John Mentioned -- short, simple and easy to figure out scores in.

    2. A higher level of games designed to challenge the youth player a bit more and give them something to work at once they've advanced beyond the 1st level (ringer is clearly passed this point even).

    3. The final tier would be one similar to the main system in which the games would be the most challenging.

    Using the Blackbelt theme you could set belts based on the tiers so a white belt would be a lower score in tier one and a black belt would be the higher scores of tier 3.

    What do you 'yewts' (as John would say) think?
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest thinks Craig and PDL need to be invited to join us here :wink: On & Gone had good ideas for the adult one . Maybe he has a little input on the yewts section too. :)
  13. Tom

    Tom New Member

    I agree ;)

    Yep Erik i like that idea, I'm sure me and the other guys and gals could have some fun on the practise games.
  14. happyelmwood

    happyelmwood New Member


    sorry i havn't posted in a long time its just that my computer crashed. i like all the ideas that every one has posted and ill go with anything. i also like the game cricket taktics. lol bad spelling sorry. anywho that what i think. and after this week end at the turny i need to practice alot. so ya anything that the leaders want to do. :wink:

    happyelmwood :lol:

    o and nice 19 darter ringer 8)
  15. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    Just letting everyone know that tonight , with Lisa as a witness RINGER shot his Second 180.....WOOHOOOOOO

    Lookout JOhn, hes coming after ya! :twisted:
  16. Tom

    Tom New Member

  17. Drac0

    Drac0 New Member

    He'll have more than me soon. :oops:

    Nice shooting Ringer!!!!!
  18. Rocky

    Rocky Moderator Site Moderator

    OK OK NUMBER 3 FOR RINGEr.. 3 180's in less then 3 weeks.. grrrrr..

    HEY BH.. you got that count down to 50... what if Steven beats ya to it?
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Jeebus Rocky ! What are you feeding this kid?? 8O 8O
  20. radar

    radar New Member

    hey first of my introduction my name is shawn feenstra and am 16 years old. i play darts ion parkhill along with rocky and ringer. i just competed at my FIRST provincial tournament and got top 16!!!:D anyways about this practice thing i think it is great but we should not really have as many games as the adults have mainly because we want it to be easy for us younger players to practice also because practice makes perfect :?: . all the things I know is that when you practice anything, you get better at it. now back to the practice scores. i think that eric and the other mods and stuff should put the 100 @ 20, BOBS, CCU, and 100 @ bull. i think it would be a good idea though to change it from 100 to a lower number for the youths that do not really want to concentrate on one number. the main reason i think this is because when you focus on one number for such a long time (even the amount of darts in a game) you start to eventually loose ur concentration on that number and you can't hit it any more. i dont no about everyone put my gmes are about 20 darts with my best 14 darts. and i even loose my shot for twenties in those games.

    oopsies ^ that was long sorry everybody.

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