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Discussion in 'PORTLAND AREA Dart Association (PADA)' started by CraigB, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. DHascupDATW

    DHascupDATW New Member


    Thank you very much for the interview last night. It was awesome! We should have it posted on the website later tonight.

    David Hascup
    Co-Host: Darts Around the World Podcast
  2. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    Thanks DH! It was an unexpected opportunity and pleasure to talk with you guys! :D

    Thanks to darttalker as well for his post that got things started...

    I highly recommend people check out the site, if you're at all interested in travel and darts..
  3. Skizrock

    Skizrock Moderator Staff Member Site Moderator

    Adam Im bummed your moving the report, but understand the exposure you will get at darts around the world. I also think its a great idea as i used to miss alot of them because they were located in the PADA area. Good for you, look forward to reading you there.
  4. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    Thanks so much Skiz!

    ...but remember, I'm not leaving, just moving the blog to a new home! As always, I want to continue to enjoy being part of the discussions here at SEWA.

    By the way, I thought my first post on the new site would go in today, but it looks like it will be right after the next podcast they do (with JohnnyK!) in a day or two or please stay tuned.
  5. Skizrock

    Skizrock Moderator Staff Member Site Moderator

    so will you still copy your blog here? as you have in the past?
  6. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    I'm not planning on it Skiz. But, maybe--if you mods think it's ok--I could post the link and/or a mini-blurb when I post new ones on DATW? Or, maybe I could do something with this retort thread...

    Any ideas?

    What I don't want to do is lose any of my readers in the transfer or take any readers away from SEWA--I'm actually hoping more people continue to find, follow and enjoy both sites (and all the excellent dart websites and blogs out there that so many people have created, from Dartoid to Darttalker, and SleepyK to Charis, and so many more, not to mention the sites of pros, assosciations and dart publications).

    I just wanted to make it clear that I still plan on participating on SEWA.
    And I hope you all bookmark my blogs new location. :D
  7. Skizrock

    Skizrock Moderator Staff Member Site Moderator

    I like reading your blog, i know there are other who do as well. I will miss it posted on SEWA if you dont post it. I prefer it, i like the way the pictures and your words tell the tale though the eyes of this forum. Ill follow either way, but prefer the Thorn Report appearing here as it always has and over there as well. Spread it out, you dont have to stop your Report here. Unless its to much?
  8. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    Well thanks again! I'll think about it... :D I don't think the DATW team would mind--like me, they want to spread the game and make more connections between groups and people.

    Hopefully more folks will chime in here the next few days, with their thoughts on it.
  9. Skizrock

    Skizrock Moderator Staff Member Site Moderator

    Ill tell you what, people being exposed to the Thorn Report here, there or anywhere is a good thing. I appreciate your Report and look forward to reading it. Exposure is a good thing. I hope you keep your roots and it expands from the exposure you get from the other site. Its all good. As usual i cant wait for the next Thorn Report.
  10. RP_BILL

    RP_BILL Member

    WOW!! I'm sorry to hear that those here at SEWA will no longer be able to enjoy "The Thorn Report". I've followed it from Day 1 and have loved every bit of it. Of course, I will "tune in" no matter where you decide to go with this, but it is still a bit shocking.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your reports, and I wish you well wherever you decide to take this, and I wish you much success. I also enjoyed the interview you gave. Good job and good luck.
  11. Dart_talker

    Dart_talker New Member

    I think posting mini blurbs here would be a wonderful thing if you would consider it.
  12. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    Thanks for the thoughts everyone, hopefully there'll be more come Monday, and the hordes of SEWAnauts that somehow manage to check in at work...hehe.

    So, the new podcast at DATW is in, totally awesome, Johnny K and his 'toy for tots' fundraiser. I know several SEWAnauts get mentioned. I hope hat many more people are encouraged to contribute, despite the tough times...

    You can click my website button if you haven't discovered DATW yet...

    Thanks again for following the TR, and I hope we all can find a little to give to toys-4-tots. It's such good pub for the game. Think of how easy it is to click all your contacts or friends on FB, and email them, even if they don't play darts... :D
  13. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    I just happened to check the member lists and noticed I was tied with OnAndGone in the post totals...I can't pass him without throwing out a little tribute to one of the best posters at SEWA who we lost for no good reason...

    Got this picture myself, in the Falklands...


    Here's to OnG.
  14. Skizrock

    Skizrock Moderator Staff Member Site Moderator

    A very nice gesture Adam.
  15. Dart_talker

    Dart_talker New Member

    Nicely done Thorn!
  16. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    (This is starting to feel like my own twitter page! SEWA twitter!)

    So, just an update...

    In Miami now, found four dart bars--man there were some hot girls in some of these places, like Dartoid-worthy hot, plus some smoking hot transvestites too! In fact, I can hardly tell the age OR gender on half the people in South Beach. Anyway, conquered Miami, now I'm off on the ship, so not much posting from me probably the next couple weeks, although I'll try when I get a chance. Everybody be good while I'm gone. Also, the new podcast #10 and my second post is up on DATW. (click my www button if yer too lazy to type or search, hehe)

    Take care all! And good luck to Shannonmiles son Miles at the big competition across the pond!
  17. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

  18. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    Ok, I got some crazy q's...

    1. Which dartboard (brand and model please), is the longest lasting and has the best wires (for minimal bounceouts). Basically, what would be the best board to put on a cruise ship?

    2. Which company(s) should I contact to be the darts/boards supplier for a major cruise line. And who's got some connections to companies that I can utilize?

    Feel free to post your answers here, but you can also email me at or PM me! I have about two weeks to pull together a proposal...


  19. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    So, I'm thinking I will keep the SEWA TR's alive in a sense. I always have silly little stuff to post, and DATW ain't really right for it. Like...

    Bonesy is still crushing me on ton80's. I got 21 to his 38 in about just about a year here at the Pressy Pally. If you recall, I was leading like 20 to 12 or something like that, 7-8 months ago. Serious signs of dartitis that I've been fighting like mad, and not overcoming on any given day. Sucks. But still love the game. Isaac's up to 12 ton80's at the PP, including one I beat him on last night. Bonesy friggin busted on a ton80, on 159, on purpose. beat him then too, but small victories as these guys now beat me consistently, usually badly. both are pretty exceptional shooters now...and I'm worse for the wear.

    But, I did hit a 212out yesterday! I mis-scored earlier and my total was wrong, and near the end of the leg, Isaac was on 60somethin', I told him I messed up and corrected my score to 112, and promptly took that out! Hehe. 212out, that's how you do it.

    But besides that kind of minutia, I also have at least one story (maybe more, and maybe more down the road) that would better fit my old Thorn Report, here at SEWA. So, I think I will try to dabble back into it...and give some exclusive reports just for SEWA and the PADA, and save the bigger travel stories for DATW.

    Whatya think? Should I try to two-time it on both sites? :wink:

    After all, it is about spreading the game as far as we can... :D

    Awww, who cares what you think; I do want I want! :wink: :wink: :wink: [​IMG]
  20. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    Love darts? Need a vacation? How about a 5-star cruise to Bermuda with the guys from DartsAroundTheWorld and other like-minded people? The plan is well under way, and I’m hoping to help encourage more to join in! The week-long cruise starts on May 29th, out of New York. Not including airfare, the total cost for the cruise after taxes, will be approximately $800. And, traveling with me is a guaranteed good time, especially by boat to tropical paradise. Not to mention playing darts in the Bermuda Triangle! I'd really like to get a contingent of SEWAnauts, especially from the Tacoma, Portland, San Fran, and Vancouver, BC, areas to represent the west coast, but of course, anyone is welcome! If you’re curious, or know a friend who might be interested, please forward them this information! In fact, the more people you recruit, the more onboard credit you get, so start spreading the word, and let me know ASAP!...

    Just email me with any questions:

    Here’s the cruise itinerary and ship info:

    And there’s more info at:

    Over and double out!

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