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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by KopRalph11, Jan 9, 2020.

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    Like many dart players first starting out some 18 years ago. I went through literally every brand and type of Dart in order to find what worked for me. I ended up with a very specific dart after years of trial and error.

    Well I knew the dreaded day would arrive that my specific dart would be discontinued. I have stocked up 4 extra sets ..(thank you Red Dragon). so I’m not too worried. But alas being a goof. I’ve never really stopped trying out new and different darts. So I knew there were a few sets out there which I could use in replacement.

    I went through a similar thing when they discontinued my specific flight. I bought what was left from a Scottish Pro on eBay and then the big search started for a replacement. so I’m pretty well versed on this search thing lol.

    Thankfully!!! I have found the replacement. And they are a huge hit with the blokes I play with. We have already bought 20 sets between us. The winner is Harrows Wolfram Infinity II If you haven’t tried them and like an aggressive grip they are just what the doctor ordered. A fantastic 97% tungsten dart which has proven durable.

    While I haven’t switched permanently to them. I am relieved that the replacement is already found lol. I’m still not sure of the exact setup I prefer. But that’s part of the joy of the game we love to play.

    So in summation. If you’re like me or new World Champion Peter Wright. The journey to find your darts is just as important as the game itself. But when you find them. Stock up. You just never know when they will run their production life.
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    Where's the pic? So easy to post one here now ;)
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    Posted a generic as it’s got info and dimensions
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    That looks pretty wild!

    Now, if only they could come out with some cool new designs like that for those of us who like shorter, front-loaded darts! Apparently, nobody wants those any more except us old farts... :confused::(
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    IMG_8849.jpg Nice darts but a bit too grippy looking for me, these are my current darts, just 5 sets now after a clear out and I practice with all of them as I get bored throwing just one set.
    From left to right, the first set are from Custom Made Darts in the UK and were my match darts for quite some time.

    I then had some more Torpedo shape darts made at custom made darts in an M3 Format with the thread being on the outside of the barrel, for both Steel and Soft tip these are my current match darts.

    The next set are also Custom darts but in 2ba but only 5.85mm Barrels for steel or soft tip.

    The next set are from Empire Darts in Germany M3 steel tip 5.4mm barrels

    Final set are some more Empire Darts from Germany Soft tip convertible and 5.2mm Barrels. The Dimensions and weights of all barrels only are onthe are on the photograph, I am not good at photoshop but I somehow managed to put them on the pic, lol.
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