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Discussion in 'General Dart Talk' started by ducks, Jul 26, 2020.

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    It's been 14 years since I found your site! I remember the first time I saw SEWA and found out it stood for South East Washington I blew it off without even perusing the site. Haha. Stupid. I didn't want a website that focused on Tri-Cities darts. Anyhow, I came back and discovered your site was much, much more than that. I'd been on usenet on the alt darts group, and found Crow's site. Even though it doesn't have forums it was packed with great information. Darts in movies!!! I got a few on there.

    It was on SEWA that I met Taechon. He visited me once in Taipei and I posted pics. He was another usenet member who'd found SEWA.

    It was so cool to read posts from the Minuteman guys way over on the other ocean. I got to know habanerojooz and met him when he came for Dartslive in Taiwan. There has been some great content and conflict! Sleepy and Dartoid! Haha. Good stuff. Maybe a little headache for you, but it was entertaining, and it was something I never got too worried about. Real life. Conflict happens. But everyone acted like adults. I think. And life went on.

    I do miss the posts from some other memorable people.

    I've visited your SEWA FB site maybe three or four times and I guess when SEWA goes down I will bookmark it.

    I look forward to following SEWA on FB.

    All the best!


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    I learned a hell of a lot from using your site.
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    It’s crazy how much time has gone by Ducks

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