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Discussion in 'MINUTE MAN Dart League (MMDL)' started by Chitown599, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. TMOC

    TMOC New Member

    I started with the MMDL back in 1984 but actually "wasted" the first year by only playing league nights on Tuesday and local pick up games on the weekends.
    I found out about Matts Villa through some friends and that was a whole new world. I couldn't beleive so many people got together just to play darts. Having 30 people show up was considered a slow night. If there was a tournament that weekend you'd still see 20 people on a Friday night.
    The mix of shooters was incredible. New shooters actually wanted to play the best in the area to learn from them. We didn't have internet then, Facebook might have been considered to involve dermatology, and just having a pager made you one of the cool people. Despite all that "primative" lack of technology though, we somehow managed to communicate. In fact we actually talked to each other.
    How many people even remember their best friend's phone number anymore? We had so many events through the league, LOD's, and regional tournaments that you had to pick and choose what you could go to and which ones you couldn't. That made networking even more important. You might not see your prospective tournament partner for an entire week, maybe two, so meeting at darts was mandatory.
    People were excited to move up a division, there was a status associated with it, not a stigma. We didn't mind traveling to a match either. Our whole team would hop in the Chevy Suburban and split a case of Bud for the ride down and back. People don't carpool or caravan anymore unless it's a playoff match. I for one miss the comraderie that you'd get from that experience. Discussing stratigies and techniques is an obvious advantage, but just the increase in moral alone should never be understated.
    Bars nowadays need our business if they expect to stay in business. With fewer players around I think that puts us in the drivers seat for a dart revival. I don't really want to give up my computer, smart phone, or SEWA account anytime soon but I'd go back to the dart heyday of the previous generation in a heartbeat.
  2. bigguy

    bigguy New Member

    i didnt start till spring 95 but have palyed against players from each era i agree the game was better from the late 70's into the late 90's the big drop off came at the turn of the century. at least i caught the tail end of it that showed me how the game is played & to show the proper respect to all opponents win or lose. alot of that has dissapeared in 2days game at all levels. such a shame
  3. jakesy

    jakesy New Member

    Great post Tom. I'm hoping with the reemergence of the witch city, we may start the revival.
  4. aboji

    aboji New Member

    Now, THAT would be great !!

  5. TMOC

    TMOC New Member

    I was actually thnking about Matt's Villa again on the way to the Polish Club Friday night. In particular, playing against Phil Taylor when he came to visit. That score sheet is the only autographed dart momento I ever kept. If I remember correctly, Mel picked 16 of us to play him that night and the only one to take him was Bucky (or maybe he came the closest?). It's not likely we'll see this again anytime soon since putting up the thousands of dollars it would cost to sponsor this is beyond most pubs today.
    Anyway, I got to wondering how many of the "modern" dart generation would be willing to play him in front of an audience like that?
    Oh, and before anyone takes offense, I mean strictly within the scope of this thread. I here from people locally who won't even try an LOD for fear of playing an "A" player. That doesn't mean everyone feels that way but I don't remember getting that same sense from players back then.
  6. Chitown599

    Chitown599 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Tom, you are right, Bucky was the only one who beat Taylor. Some got to outs, but never got to throw at it. I was on 32 when he took out a 124 on me. Those were the good old days. I remember Jockey Wilson also being at Matts. Now him I beat . :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. AmericanBadAss

    AmericanBadAss Administrator Staff Member Site Admin

    Yep..I remember seeing the darts Phil gave Bucky a while back and hearing the story from Bucky about them.
  8. kirby

    kirby New Member

    Bucky beat him in Cricket and still has his set of signature darts :wink: , I was there and my son David beat Allan Warriner-Little the same night with back to back 180's after Allan tossed one from his knees warming up... :lol: :lol: A real late night at Matts that night.. :lol:
  9. rob

    rob New Member

    that is absolutely awesome! i personally would love the chance...
    i know 5 months into playing darts i jumped at the chance just to have an opportunity to play Phil over at mohegan in a PDC event... and for a mere $150...

    granted... i unfortunately didnt get drawn against him. i did get to get my butt kicked... and had the opportunity to see first hand what i needed to do if i wanted to be "good"... 4 years later now... and i'm still not there yet :oops:
  10. aboji

    aboji New Member

    Rob - when the MMDL players were playing these guys at the old WCO, the entry fees were the standard for the time! $10 or so... I will have to check some old tournament flyers...

    I think they had a Pro Shoot on Saturday nights that was more expensive.

  11. TMOC

    TMOC New Member

    This was back in the day and didn't cost us anything, although I'm sure it cost Matt a few bucks. Of course, not everyone got the opportunity to play him either. That just made it even more of an honor.
  12. jbull180

    jbull180 New Member

    Pro shoot entry----$100
  13. rob

    rob New Member

    my thinking was that there is no other sport that i know about where $150 got you the opportunity to play against the best the sport has to offer.

    try playing tiger woods, tom brady, or anyone like that in their respective sport and you will have to know someone or have LOTS of money or it wont happen.

    i'd give phil $200 cash for the opportunity to play him 100 legs in a row to see if i can win any...

    maybe keep his focus high by telling him $200 more if he skunks me 8O
  14. aboji

    aboji New Member

    ...and remember, too, that these guys (WDC/PDC) would particpate in the other events too. So, it was not unlikely that for the Friday night draw, you got paired up with or had the opportunity to face one or two of these players.

  15. Doug

    Doug New Member

    I started playing (I think) in '88. There were so many venues to play at, you could get a LOD every night and have competitive darts. As we grow older, tho, it becomes harder and harder to put in the hours needed. Kids, jobs, etc eat up all of our time. Tommy Sammarco had the right idea. Every time you see a group of youngsters looking at the board, invite them over to play. Try to teach them some of the game to get them interested. Like it or not, they're the future of this game.

    Just my 2 cents.

    ELECTROMAN New Member

    I think i liked it better when everyone would strive to be the best they could be and Super A was a goal to be reached not looked at like some kind of punishment.

    I still love the game and would have an empty spot in my heart if i didn't shoot anymore

    I think "Drama=less shooters"

    Back in the late 80's early 90's there was little drama
    People wanted to shoot and didn't care "Where,When or against Who"

    Keep your eyes on the prize
    This game is the shiznick
    And leave the drama for daytime TV

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