Taipei: Wild Heart - Dart star Takehiro Suzuki's place!

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    Suzuki is in town! No, not Ichiro, he's in Seattle, but Takehiro Suzuki - Japan pro, Super Darts participant, Dartslive the World stage winner, and a Dartslive The World Grand Final Champion. Takehiro has opened a restaurant bar called Wild Heart here in Taipei in the Little Tokyo night club zone and it appears that he will be spending a lot of time in Taipei now. It's fabulous to have him here in Taipei. He is arguably not only the best player in Taiwan, but he is also a great player and a super happy nice guy. Harith Lim of Singapore laughs, and smiles endlessly, and is the nicest guy you have ever met. I have seen Harith many times, and even gone out for a late night bite with him and a bunch of other dart players. He never stopped smiling and laughing that night. Takehiro is on a totally different plane of happiness. When Takehiro takes the stage for a darts match he is the smilingest person on the oche I have ever seen. He brings a huge positive energy to the stage.

    I'd heard that he had opened a place in town, so last Friday night I decided to take a visit. As luck would have it, this last Friday was the first night of two hard opening parties. This weekend and next. The parties are reservation only, with a $30 U.S. cover charge which includes drinks and food prepared by Takehiro. The place is quite small and is located in a small basement property. There are five Dartslive boards, a bar, and a small kitchen.

    I didn't know about the party until I walked in and the waitress informed me that Wild Heart was closed and hosting a private party. 20180504_231234.jpg 20180504_231543.jpg I asked her if this was Takehiro's place, and then talked a bit about darts. She decided I was worthy and let me buy a beer! Needless to say, I bought a couple of beers and didn't leave for a couple of hours. I peeked into the kitchen and saw Takehiro busily cooking to feed his guests. Here he is grabbing a drink. 20180504_231639_Fotor.jpg

    Japan pro Mayu Shimizu was a special guest of Suzuki’s this weekend. 20180505_001129.jpg She played a lot of darts, and took lots of pictures with local players. I also talked with a young gal, Miki, an avid dart player who has represented Taiwan on teams the last couple of years. 20180504_231202.jpg Mayu is on the right and Miki is on the left. 20180504_233522.jpg 20180504_233335_Fotor.jpg Here is Mayu with the staff member who graciously allowed me to stay and buy a drink.

    As a party crasher, I didn’t get to enjoy the unlimited food and drink, but I had a great time taking pictures and chatting with a few people. I will we be going back and I hope to get a chance to talk more with Takehiro. My goodbye selfie with Takehiro and Mayu. 20180505_002006.jpg

    The Facebook link below has several pictures from the Saturday night party.
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    So cool :) Love to see Darts really getting off the ground like this!

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