Taipei: WeDARTs, great selection of Japanese supplies

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    WeDARTS is a darts supply shop which doubles as a place to play here in Taipei. 20180405_212925.jpg Last night was league night and I had a good time talking to some friends. It is part of the Game On group which hosts the PDC qualifiers and also runs Lady Darts here in Taipei. Game On group's many darts venues are all different, and the WeDARTs concept of supply shop-dart venue is the best here in Taipei. There are similar shops, but this shop is hands down the coolest in terms of product selection and atmosphere.

    This shop is the Tiffany's of darts supplies. 20180405_212413.jpg 20180405_212400.jpg 20180405_211737.jpg The ground floor has four Dartslive boards, and a service counter selling liquor and soft drinks. The stairwell leading to the loft is covered with cases and accessories, and the small loft also has a wide range of cases, darts and miscellaneous supplies. There are no traditional English style flights and shaft systems here. Instead you will find Cosmo Fit, and L-Style among the offerings. 20180405_204554.jpg The display case of Joker Driver and Cosmo darts was cool and way out of my price range. One of the Joker Driver sets was 600 US dollars. 20180405_203825.jpg 20180405_204109.jpg 20180405_204115.jpg

    The range of darts cases is huge. This is a shoppers paradise. 20180405_204753.jpg 20180405_211709.jpg The wall of the stairwell was completely covered with cases. Among the accessories are rubbing compounds and polishes for darts, and leather cleaner for cases.
    Best of all, they have a great selection of Star Wars Dartslive cards.
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    Wow! Can't imagine what that would be like. Seems Asia is the place to be to play darts these days!
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    I think Asia is in some ways similar to Europe. Aside from mainland China, countries are quite small in area compared to the US, and population density is quite high in urban centers. I think this is what allows these kinds of darts venues to exist. Remember, Taiwan is about the same size of Vancouver Island, and there are well over 200 locations in the Taipei area alone with Dartslive and Phoenix boards.
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    Good point. In Vancouver Island I played a lot but it was a long way to anything of note!

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