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    Lady Darts

    This shop aims to provide a different kind of environment for darters. I've posted pictures in my media folder.

    I visited this shop this week. It is part of the Game On Group, which hosted the last two PDC qualifiers in Taipei. Lady Darts has recently been remodeled which explains why the walls are still bare. The off-white carpeting in the main area is quite nice, as it's comfortable to walk on, and bounce outs are easy on the darts. There is a small bar serving hard liquor, beer and snacks. There are six Dartslive machines and display cases of darts and L-Style and Fit Flight accessories. The display cases have been autographed by visiting star players. It is a non-smoking venue, but there is a small smoking room with open windows. For small groups, there is a sofa set and coffee table to the right of the Dartslive board at the front of the shop.

    The gal in the picture was running the counter that night. She is also the owner of the Tiga Cat's tungsten and sterling silver darts.

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    Very impressive. Have you figured out how to post those in here? or share them elsewhere? Pretty easy to do now :D

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