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    AI Darts in Taipei, Taiwan is a hole in the wall shop located on a sidestreet in the heart of the shopping and business district of central Taipei. Artificial intelligence, or AI as most locals call it is the hot buzz word in high tech, and it's no surprise a darts shop has used it in a name.
    This shop is the darts equivalent of the automats of the mid-twentieth century. It's open 24-7, and there is no service staff. The owners claim that this is the world's first such darts shop.

    There are three Phoenix boards, a change machine, a soft drink machine, and bar seating along the side and rear walls. There are several baskets of house darts for people to use. Surveillance cameras provide security.

    I walked in on a Friday night around 8pm. Most of the young professional urban clientele had their own darts. A small group of young ladies were enjoying a pizza and several bottles and cans of alcoholic beverages before playing darts.

    Small signs ask customers to clean up after themselves, avoid drunkeness, and keep the noise down after 11pm.

    Liquor laws in Taiwan are not as strict as the US, so there are no restrictions on open containers of alcohol in public places.

    Their Facebook page (AI darts Taipei)is all in Chinese, but it has a lot of pictures.
    aitaipei.jpg ai5.jpg ai4.jpg ai3.jpg ai2.jpg ai1.jpg
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    Very interesting! So no one is there, just boards, vending machines and tables etc? And you walk in, play, hang out, have a few drinks with no staff at all? WoW!
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    That's what I thought. Wow! I admit when I stepped in front of the place, I wasn't sure what I was looking at. It took me a few minutes to realize that there was no service counter or staff. I'd seen pics using the shop search function on the Phoenix app, and hadn't gone to the FB page so I had no idea it was this kind of place. It looked like a typical, boring small joint, so in my mind it didn't warrant a visit. I just happened to be walking to another place last Friday, saw it on the Phoenix app and decided to take a look.

    A BYOB darts joint. The vending machine only had a few bottles of tea that night. But the recycle box in pic AI4 is full of empty beer bottles. I'll have to stop by again and see what else they stock the vending machine with. There is a locked chest cooler next to the change machine. You can play darts, and drink very cheaply. Within a five minute walk of the place there are probably half a dozen convenience stores and corner stalls or shops selling beer and liquor. Yeah, in Taiwan you can buy beer, wine, Japanese canned cocktails, and hard liquor in 7-11 and supermarkets. I checked out the FB page and there is a pic with cases of beer stacked against the back wall. It looks like it was in prep for the grand opening. The place opened in Jan of 2017.
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    Very interesting!

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