Supreme Court ruling on sports betting

Discussion in 'General Dart Talk' started by Squiggle, May 14, 2018.

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    The Supreme Court has struck down a federal law prohibiting sports gambling. Essentially, now other states can open up sports betting like Nevada allows.

    Most of you may be wondering what on earth this would have to do with darts.

    Well, one of the huge draws of darts in Europe and the UK is sports betting. Over there, they bet on matches like crazy! There are tons of variables too! I went to the World Championships in London a few years ago and I was amazed at all the different things you bet on. Total 180's, 9 darter, winner, point per dart averages and so on. It was wild. If people were able to bet on sports such as darts, it could bring a whole lot more interest to the sport in the U.S. Then again it may not make a difference at all. But there are a lot of non dart players that are really into it over there.

    Supreme Court strikes down sports betting law
  2. Erik

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    Yup, saw this and was pondering it. I wonder.....

    If in fact we get sports betting in Vegas (and we will I'm certain) than we might see the 'Party Poker' LVDC return. Might see some money go to the CDC etc...could be a return to the hey day like the days of the Lucky Lites!
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    The betting on Darts events can add to the fun of watching, I often find that the odds on betting on the draw in the PDC Premier league matches is good value as people usually like to back a winner rather than a draw and the premier league darters are in the premier league due to being top darters and having great ability, so even an out of form premier league darter can hold his throw and force a draw against what the betting odds say.
    Daryl Gurney is a great young darts player who played in the PDC premier league this year and he was a draw specialist who narrowly missed out on the PDC premier league finals that are held tonight.

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