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Discussion in 'PORTLAND AREA Dart Association (PADA)' started by Isaac, May 3, 2010.

  1. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    Andy Campbell will be spearheading a singles league this summer. It will be very similar to the singles that he, Christina and myself ran last summer. People seemed to really enjoy it I think, and there was some fun competition to watch and take part in. A great atmosphere on those busy A&L nights.

    Details have yet to be hammered out, but I wanted to put this on people's radar, as it is something I know there is interest in.

    Feel free to post any questions here for us. We will post answers when we can, or when we know, but you might even just remind us of something we haven't thought of as we get the details straight for this exciting event!

    Shoot well!
  2. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    Wanted to bump this and update people on this Summer Singles league.

    Signups for this Weekly event over the summer will be at the A&L Tavern, June 10th at 7pm.

    The regular season of the singles league will be played weekly over 10 weeks from June 17th to August 26th. A free entry tournament for all participants will be held at the A&L on Sept. 2nd and payouts will be awarded at that time.

    Hope to see lots of participants! We had a great turnout last summer, and I'd love to see even more this time around. Divisions will be somewhat small with people of comparable skill from our league rankings. Great test of skill and lots of darting fun as always!!! :D
  3. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

  4. JohnP

    JohnP Member

    Cool - thanks for the info. I'm hoping to play again; it was fun last year ... other than the part about you beating me in the playoffs and ruining my chance to get a second shot at Tony. As it turned out, Nick took out Tony, so I wouldn't have had the chance, anyway. So ... I guess I can forgive you. :?
  5. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    Ahhh, I think Tony did beat Nick in the semis. I remember because you and Tony were the only two people I lost to in the reg. season and I beat ya both in the playoffs! :D

    No playoffs in the format this year though - we extended the season to 10 weeks instead of 6 and will be still doing the payout+free entry tourney week.

    Also, my rating dropped while trying to hang with the big dogs this past season, so we may not even be playing in the same group... you lucked out!!! hehe
  6. JohnP

    JohnP Member

    Can't remember why I thought Nick won; must've heard or assumed wrong. Darn it, now I'm pissed again! (not really)

    Anyway, are the PADA rankings published anywhere? I'm assuming you're referring to something beyond just the singles rankings for each division.
  7. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    The most current PADA Player Rankings can be found...

    Right about....

  8. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    That's awesome Isaac, thanks! :D
  9. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    Great turnout for sign ups with over 30 people already signed up and a few more trickling in.

    There are a lot of people at all levels - with an exceptional strong and numerous C division - and more are still welcome. If you'd like to join in still let me know by Sunday when we will be setting up the divisions.

    Should be a great Summer Season!!!
  10. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    If we could end up with 42, that would be just about perfect. :D
  11. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    Good job PADA board! And good job local players--the singles league was a blast last year...

    (wish I could commit this summer...:( )

    Isaac, are there gonna be stats up for the singles league, like regular season league? That would be way cool, even if they are simplified...
  12. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    You didn't do the singles league last year, did you? 8O Last year was the non-PADA one that Andy and I did...

    But yeah, will probably just set up a new season on where it was last year. It is nice to see the highlights and match scores - even more so when it is one-on-one!
  13. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    The divisions have been set and we have a total of 41 people.

    We have 7 divisions, with 6 of them having six people and one of them having 5 people and a bye.

    Divisions have been set up at

    Here is what the brackets look like:

    AA (A&L)
    Allen Nutter
    Jason Merrell
    Andy Campbell
    Randy Slipher
    Chris Ricci
    Jeff Lisenbee

    A + (Sellwood)
    Greg Haggen
    Bill Hockenberry
    Tony Kim
    Greg Weiss
    Troy Painter
    John Gorman

    A (A&L)
    Tom Anderson
    Jeff Hartman
    Jim Lisenbee
    Laraine Hinsen
    Clay Carney
    Tony Moss

    B + (Sellwood)
    Nick Beam
    Isaac Rochseter
    Wayne Storer
    Chris Pfenninger
    Phil Kindschuh
    Adam Sorenson

    B (A&L)
    Dunham Sage
    Gary Scruggs
    Shawn Hallbrook
    Chris Brockway
    Dave New
    Tammie campbell

    C + (A&L)
    Paul Campbell
    Jim Mayer
    Mike Deen
    Jason McGuire
    Randy Phillips
    Heather Merrell-Anderson

    C (Sellwood)
    Cassie Hodges
    Casey Coyle
    Curt Moyer
    Mindy Sorenson
    Will Knight

    We were very pleased with how this broke down and it will make for some very even match ups all through the league! I am really looking forward to this fun and competitive atmosphere and think everyone will have immense amounts of fun while getting to improve their dart game.


    Individual match ups for each week will be posted on so people will know who they are playing each week. Please be proactive in contacting opponents if a reschedule is necessary. It is summer after all, and I am sure some reschedules will be needed, but in my experiences players are always accommodating in making a match work out.

    Everyone have fun, shoot well and display the great sportsmanship that PADA darts represents!
  14. Thorn

    Thorn New Member

    Super duper excellent job Icicle. I for one am soooooo appreciative of how much time and energy the board members volunteer so that the rest of us can enjoy so many awesome darting opportunities. And all for nothing more than the love of the game. Very cool...

  15. ChristinaO

    ChristinaO New Member

    Amazing! Great job guys! Nice to see this continue... :)

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