Spring Challenge - May 22nd

Discussion in 'PORTLAND AREA Dart Association (PADA)' started by Isaac, May 7, 2010.

  1. BobCat

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    I had my suspicions and now it's confirmed - BobCat don't play soft-tip!! For those of you that know me, steel-tip gives me enough fits, I don't need to add any more aggravation to my game. As it was, I was considering setting aside the darts for awhile. But fate has other plans. I played well enough in the ADO Regional to position myself for a chance to represent at the East-West All Star Challenge. Once Bob Ross, who finished first declined to go, I won a playoff to advance. Now again, those of you that know me, know that is truly a rare event. I somehow always seem to manage my worst performance in playoffs. Not this time. So I hope to see a bunch of my dart family in Stamford!!

    Now to get back on thread...

    The Friday night soft-tips was an education. A lesson quickly taught and learned. I've been schooled (and probably tooled...)

    On Saturday, getting back to real darts, I had fun. Didn't play that great but enjoyed the competition. I love the Modified Round Robin format. I personally believe every event should be run like that.

    And on Sunday, a whole lot of darts, with a happy ending for me.

    It was a good weekend of darts...
  2. SOUPR

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    Hey Bob, glad you liked the round robin. Most people from back east don't like it. Seems the Northwest is the only area that does this format.
    As you know we do things a little different out here.

    You need to come up to the big city more often. :lol:
    Always a blast to play ya.
  3. rob

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    round robin is my favorite... i always want as many darts as possible :D

    bob - looking forward to seeing you in CT

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