Spring Challenge - May 22nd

Discussion in 'PORTLAND AREA Dart Association (PADA)' started by Isaac, May 7, 2010.

  1. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    ~The Spring Challenge~

    $1000 Payout with 18 Teams

    $25 Entry ($50 Per Team)
    Open Doubles ~ Steel Tip
    Saturday - May 22nd
    12:00 - 1:00 Sign-up
    2:00 Start

    A&L Sports Pub
    60th & Glisan - Portland, OR

    1st Place ~ $400
    2nd Place ~ $200
    3rd - 4th ~ $120
    5th - 8th ~ $40
    Modified Round Robin ~ 501/Cricket

    Contact Christina at 971-226-1159
    or Jason at 503-936-7272
    with any questions

    Hope to see some people there!!!
  2. Fletcher

    Fletcher New Member

    I question a start time of 2 pm for a saturday tournament. Doesn't make any sense at all. Unless, of course, the idea is to hold down the turnout.

  3. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    There's a group of people who apparently like that start time Fletcher - considering how many events have been run over the last 3-4 years around that time. Personally, I don't care to be in a bar when it's still light outside, but I guess that's just me. :roll:

    (Then again, no "normal" bar is open at 3am when I'm most into playing anyway! :twisted: )
  4. BobCat

    BobCat New Member

    Sign up is between 12-1pm. What are we doing between 1pm and the 2pm start time? Mandatory practice?
  5. rob

    rob New Member

    hey i need a good hour to warm up...

    bobcat you gonna make it back here for the usa classic?
  6. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    C'mon Bob, you KNOW it takes a while to shuffle the entries and write 'em down on flight sheets! :twisted: :lol:
  7. ChristinaO

    ChristinaO New Member

    Hi Fletcher - I'm the one that set the start time, it is actually later than the last couple of big events that I've done at A&L. Part of the reason is there are people that are coming in from out of town Friday night, this gives them something to do during the day and there could be time to do a blind draw that night that want to continue, for those that don't want to play they can go do something else......like rest for the ADO Regional on Sunday that starts even earlier :)

    Bob - Yes, mandatory practice for you and eliminates the "wait, I just got here it didn't say I couldn't sign up until 2:00" and at the same time it eliminates the "why is this starting so late...we were supposed to start an hour ago". I find it helps to have those time frames defined, maybe I didn't need that much time....

    Any other questions??

    Does everyone have a partner now?
  8. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    I will be there!

    KI have a hotshot partner from out of town too! 8)
  9. BobCat

    BobCat New Member

    I'm gonna sure try... it all depends on whether I win the Regional on Sunday or not. There sure are a good bunch of shooters and any number of them are worthy representatives. I'll give it my best shot...

    Is you arm/game going to be mended by then?
  10. BobCat

    BobCat New Member

    Isn't there a steel-tip dart LOD on Friday night in the Portland area? The one that Dee runs? When and where?
  11. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    I am unsure if this is going to happen Friday night, as it is usually at the A&L, which is where the soft-tip event will be held Friday night.

    Christina would know more as she probably figured that out in planning this event. I don't know if the soft-tip tourney is just using the two boards they have there (or are there two more in another corner?) or if they will be in the steel tip area at all... Not sure if the Dee's LOD will run that Friday or not.
  12. rob

    rob New Member

    i'm throwing righty agian now... not as consistent as i need to be yet but i will be fine by then!

    good luck at the regional! i hope to see you in CT i am defintely going! :D
  13. ChristinaO

    ChristinaO New Member

    No steel tip on Friday (5/21), we are bringing two more soft tip boards in and likely relocating the existing four and the additional boards in front of the steel tip boards for the night. Here are the details on that one:

    * Open Bring
    * $800 Payout w/20 teams
    * $15 entry ($30 per team)
    * Sign-ups at 7:00 - 7:45 pm
    * Play starts at 8:00 pm
    * No point cap

    Steel tip on Saturday and Sunday.....
  14. BobCat

    BobCat New Member

    I guess I can show up on Friday night and play soft-tip for the first time in my life.

    I guess I need a partner... anybody want to risk having me as a partner?
  15. ChristinaO

    ChristinaO New Member

    It's not that scary....really :)

    Show up... we will make sure you have a partner if you don't already have one that night!
  16. rob

    rob New Member

    you will notice it is pretty easy; you should expect 7+ counts all night! only confusing part is the rules.... well that is if they have freeze outs... and all those other crazy soft tip rules.

    and bring lots of quarters.
  17. SOUPR

    SOUPR New Member

    Hey Bob, I will rate you for soft tip and make you my partner!!!!
    I think you are a good ......................7...yeah that works!!!!!

    There is no freeze out, just doubles 501 and cricket.
  18. CraigB

    CraigB Best looking Craig B in the forum! $:-{P> Staff Member Site Admin

    So the cap is 13 then? :twisted:
  19. rob

    rob New Member

    hey who is coming out east in august????
  20. SOUPR

    SOUPR New Member

    The weekend was full of great darts.
    Friday night started with a $1000 soft tip shoot.
    Bobcat-aka Bob Given claims he will never play a soft tip event ever again... He had too much fun dealing with the handicap. He and his partner Joe Picote had to give up 14 marks in Cricket and 294 in 701, to the eventual winners. What a joy to play in unlimited handicap events.......

    Saturday was a real blast, as Allen Nutter and Jim Pope ended up Winning 1st by taking out myself and Jason Merrell with "5" Bulls in the last Cricket game. Was very sad as I was up next and only needed 1 to win.
    This was also a $1000 payout, but steel tip

    On Sunday at the Regional for the ADO, Bob Ross ended up winning but did not want to go so Bob Given will take the trip after winning a play off.

    All in all was a great weekend of darts

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