Sponsor name in team name?

Discussion in 'General League stuff' started by fotoman, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. fotoman

    fotoman New Member

    Ok, so we had a team lose their bar recently, so this popped into my head. What percentage of teams have their sponsor as part of their team names?

    For instance, my team's name is Redarted. We have another team that is called "Christy's Shootists" which used to play out of Christy's Bar, but is now homeless and is looking to play out of a different venue.
  2. Punkin

    Punkin New Member

    This is the only time in my league history that our team name is even related to the bar name. The bar name is Bull & Bear . . . our team name is Seeing Red. 8)
  3. BlackHorse

    BlackHorse Moderator Site Moderator

    Almost every team in our Thursday night league uses the Pub name.

    Two are Legion sponsored but just don't have "Legion" in their name, just the location. All the rest sport the Pub's name. A few have had shirts over the years, but not many.
  4. mretome

    mretome New Member

    8) Our bar even provided nice embroidered shirts for the team.
  5. taz1958

    taz1958 New Member

    Our team is sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion but no its name is not part of our team name.
  6. fotoman

    fotoman New Member


    I actually had a 3rd option that was supposed to be in there: "Sort of", which was supposed to be for those "others" :)
  7. DEREK

    DEREK Active Member

    I said no...I have been on 3 teams...well variations of the same team but they are, The Incredibles, The Short Bus Heros(we were short handed every week including the playoffs and championship), and The Treble Makers...come to think of it there don't seem to be many in the league that are named for the pub or with the pub mentioned in the name...this is the MMDL that I speak of
  8. Wire

    Wire New Member

    I voted yes, but have had both.

    Currently I am on TKO's out of TKO Sheas.

    I was also on The Incredibles & Shortbus & Treble Makers.

    I was on Eagles 841 for about 4 years (8 seasons) out of the Rockland Eagles Arie 841.

    I was on Damien's Disciples out of Damien's Pub.

    I was also on The Point Mongers out of the Eagles.
  9. Smitty180

    Smitty180 New Member

    As does our sponsor...

    Thanks to Creegan's Pub located at 65 Green St, in Worcester, MA

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