Sould A div. play in the S.A. bracket

Discussion in 'MINUTE MAN Dart League (MMDL)' started by Chitown599, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. JD

    JD New Member

    put the super A's in one bracket and the A's in another. in the end it will be SA vs. A 8) just a thought to initialy get people out to play. no applause please, just throw money! :)
  2. rob

    rob New Member

    since SA came back just last season and it was A and SA last season i dont think your facts are correct....

    SA and A
    B and C
    D and E (and below)

    those were the groupings... and they seem fair enough to me... but what do i know...
    personally i figure it is all one league and we should just have one tourney and see who wins it!
  3. pineapplebimbo

    pineapplebimbo New Member

    thats why i said the way it "used to be", awhile ago, maybe longer than i remember? :lol:
  4. rob

    rob New Member

    hahaha its ok mel... :wink:

    i just dont see why it is an issue this season when it wasnt an issue last season.

    there was pleanty of participation from the players in "A" even though they had "NO CHANCE"...

    ELECTROMAN New Member

    So out of the 140 A division players.
    How many showed up?

    ELECTROMAN New Member

    Thats the problem right there
    I bet not even 20%

    S.A. should be all on its own.
    I keep reading posts that say S.A. needs to be more competative.So how does throwing A players into it do that.
    If they think they are good enough then by all means let them play up.
    But if they don't I realy don't think they should have to.
    The A.D. that runs the turny knows who is who and who can hang in super A.

    ELECTROMAN New Member

    As for the teams that got forced up.
    Its all par for the coarse.
    And its only one season.
    If they play both A and SA in the same year then they should have their choice and the A.D. can make the call.

    This isn't rocket science.

  8. Iceberg

    Iceberg New Member

    A should not be forced to play with SA, but should be allowed to play up by choice.
  9. Iceberg

    Iceberg New Member

    I think there should be one open women's division. The women should be allowed to play in either the open women's division... or play with the men from their division... or play up in any division they choose.
  10. jakesy

    jakesy New Member

    Stop twisting the words like gumby to suit the argument of the day.
    I said..."I was approached by about 10 players interested in the concept." I said.... "I figure there are at least 40 shooters in A div that could move up and compete." I NEVER SAID THERE WERE 40 PLAYERS THAT WANTED TO MOVE UP. Get it through your heads. no A shooters want to move up to to shoot against the stacked teams, unless they are part of the stacked or semi stacked teams. This B.S. is getting obnoxious. Look, if you want to split your S.A. talents up, take on some good A shooters and mentor them, then you'll have twice the amount of teams, they'll all be competitive for 14 weeks and the playoffs.
    If not...... Stop whining, enjoy your 12-0's and 11-1's for 14 weeks and have fun for 2 or 3 matches in the playoffs and everyone will go ohhhh and freekin ahhhhhh. This is sometimes like being locked in a Kinder Care with 60 screaming 3 year olds :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    Your shortened rosters are going to make the stacked into 2 mini stacks
    You'll still be having good matches against the same people you say your sick of playing week in week out and all the S.A. shooters below that are still going to offer the same 12 -0's and the 11-1's IF they don't filter back down into the lower divisions. Now what you'll create is subtraction by addition. Look it's 2010, not 1986. these are different people with different priorities and this is a different world. A $ 50.00 tank of gas means more to a family's budget than a $15.00 tank did in 86 so guess what, travel matters now. there are so many social factor that exist that didn't "back in the day" so stop making day's gone by comparisons. As far as I'm concerned there's only two way to look at this. Split it up and bring up the volunteers and develop them or play what you've got until it dies then go back to A and create the same old problems. end rant

    ELECTROMAN New Member

    So True So True

    Lots of crying going on here.

    Unfortunatly Splitting up the teams will not happen.
    A lot of the sooters have their teams and dont want to split because (a)Their team is stacked in such an order to compete w/ Suiside 9 or (B)Like were they are location wise and dont want to move.
    Remember travel makes a differance today.
    Nobody wants it.
    $1.50 beers at the Eagles or $3.50 beers at sidelines this could also make a differance.
    Some people may be swayed one way or the other due to their wallets.

    IMO When you get to S.A. its a whole differant dart game and should be treated as so.
    If members of S.A. want to keep S.A. alive then they need to bend a little.
    Not by changing the rules and not by changing A division and below.
    Like its been said if they want to move up let them.
    The teams that were forced up have to so to keep the sandbagging to a minimum.
    Thats why the rule was implimented.
    To keep teams that are dominateing their divisions fron doing so.

    Jaksey has the wright idea. He tried to gather talent from A to make a team that would be competitive at the S.A. level.
    Adding teams to S.A. is the only logical answer.

    You cant form smaller teams for the (move up rule) can not be implimented.
    With the top 3 teams and the next tean to be moved up from A added with Jakseys new allstar team you would need 1 more team for a 6 team season.

    Maybe we can convince Kirby to put his new team in there.
    Maybe I can convince my team to move up.
    I know I dont have all the answers but it seems Jaksey started with a good one.
    If someone else could do the same the problem would be solved.
  12. jakesy

    jakesy New Member

    That's the point Kevin. If you split by going to shorter rosters it's still splitting. All you do is double the powerhouses PERIOD, nothing else changes. They'll say it's change but it's really same ole same ole.
    If you split and add Good A shooters, you double the size of the division, establish a system of development, make it more competitive across the board, (add that element of chance) and very important make A and below even more competitive by taking the game changers and moving them up.

    So why is this so hard? simple. The best shooters, want to shoot with the best shooters and want to win now. Not all season, most don't care or barely show up. It's the big prize. So the only real competition in Super A is recruiting and keeping the best shooters. It's just calling a spade a spade. all the rest of the dialog is fluff, smoke and mirrors

    ELECTROMAN New Member

    Well i guess now is the time to mix things up.
    Seeing that there is format and Rule changes going on.
    Re Vamp the whole thing then.

    ELECTROMAN New Member

    Ha Ha 8)
  15. dwalsh

    dwalsh New Member

    You know,I've given alot to this league.I've put my time in,paid my dues,had my good name dragged through the mud by some old BOD members and some uninformed people.I came through it ok.I have met some of the best people in the world through the MMDL and cherish many fond memories.I am a Super A player.I am sorry.I play as much as my life allows and I want to play with and against the best.I will choose who I play with and who I won't.Does that make me selfish,arrogant? I guess according to some,it does.If you want to play Super A,put your best team together and come on up.Just realize,you too have to pay your dues and put your time in.If some Super A players want to "mentor" other players and try and build a team over time...great,that is their choice.I choose to play on the very best team I can and try to win as many titles as possible before I have to hang it up.I guess I'm a bad person...I don't have the best interests of the league at heart.I invite 8 other "bad people" to join me in the Fall.
  16. jakesy

    jakesy New Member

    Dave I hope you don't think the rant is directed at you. I've never once heard you complain about the present configuration of S.A. other than you can't force teams up which is not a complaint. As a matter of fact you've been pretty pro active about format change etc... It's directed at those complaining about the lack of competition that are calling for change but unwilling to enact it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  17. Chitown599

    Chitown599 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Dave, great post. I was all set to offer myself to go on a team of A division players, and mentor them in S.A. However, since, I have changed my mind, due to all the accusations of whining and crying.
    I have also more than paid my dues, in the 19 plus years of playing this game.
    I have, in the past, mentored somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 players at various time, free of charge, and have helped them improve their games, their words, not mine.
    I am currently mentoring 1 A player, who comes to my home, and it will soon be 2 A players coming to my home on different days. It is done during my personal time at home, and again, free of charge.
    On top of that, at last count, I have over 70 players in the MMDL version of Flight School, who I am helping, which keeps me on the computer over 2 hours plus per night, sending individual packages out, and yes, free of charge.
    So to want to play the best at all times is whining and crying, I guess I am guilty as charged.
    With all that said Dave, if your invitation is extended to me come the fall season, I would be more than happy to entertain it.
  18. kirby

    kirby New Member

    No chance, when my group is ready and wants to play the long format then we'll see..As it stands now A division is it..Fun night out..
  19. Chitown599

    Chitown599 Administrator Staff Member Site Admin Site Moderator

    Careful Paul, this may be seen as whining. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  20. kirby

    kirby New Member

    Don't care, It will be a new team...Starting in A suits us just fine..

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