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By Erik on Apr 21, 2018 at 9:11 AM
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    or 'Got Grip'?

    I received my 'final notice' from FedEx on Thursday and in a panic (ok not totally) headed to the FedEx store to find what had arrived for me and that I might have missed. You see, we'd had a lot of wind lately and FedEx notices had apparently blown off the door at least twice earlier so I had no idea something had arrived that FedEx would not drop off. This only happens when you have to sign for it and that generally means it's something from overseas which for me means someone sent me something to take a look at. And that my friends, makes for an exciting day!

    Well, you might have guessed it, from the title and all, but what arrived were two sets of Shot Darts and needless to say I was excited to check them out.

    The first set I opened were the new Ronin REI's
    My first impression was quite simply WOW! What Grip! These REI's are simply superb when it comes to grip! In fact, I immediately thought of Rainman (Kevin Luke) who commented last summer when he saw my custom Red Dragon's that they didn't have enough grip for him. He needs a LOT of grip and let me tell you bud, these puppies have it in spades!

    Seriously, ouch even! Holy cow! Frankly I'm loving this and want to head out to a board asap! ok, I'll be honest, I have one at home (and the office, and my cabin and some extra's tucked away here and there) but I wanted to try them out on a soft machine since that's what I'm playing these days after all. So I snuck off to my favorite watering hole and started hitting the board.

    Not the prettiest hat-trick in the world but then it's me throwing it and not the Crafty Cockney back in the 80's so forgive me ;)

    I've been fighting dartitis lately so any decent throws make me happy but frankly, these darts felt great and I just kept sticking them in the middle of this G3. I didn't have a lot of cash on me but I fed the machine and played some count up. I noticed an increase in my most recent scores right off and wondered if it was me, the dartitis or the darts. I'm thinking the darts frankly, they just felt so good.

    I will admit, however, that I changed out the shafts pretty much right off. However, I always do that after the first few throws as I much prefer my cheap nylon shafts anyway and it prevents me tearing up the nice new factory shafts that will go with the darts when someone wins them (assuming you can convince me to give them away now!).....come to think of it, these will be hard to part with.

    Back at work I just had to stick them in the sisal and snuck in a few throws. Right off I felt hte grouping was great. Bear in mind I'm still using the soft tips so the group is a little 'pushed' together because the tips flex but I think you get the idea here.

    Next I stuck them in the red bit but did miss the 3rd. I like to hit at least 1 180 with a new set of test darts and will have to get back to doing that on Monday but my time was limited this day and, well, as I said, I'm no Bristow, Taylor or heck, even Rainman these days so give me a few minutes at least and I'll stick them in there ;)

    I love the feel of these darts which you might guess by the amount of pics I'm sharing.
    They are a tad shorter than mine (I'll measure soon) and I do prefer a longer dart so I will have to see how I feel after a few hundred more throws but so far Shot has really impressed me folks.

    Got grip?

    So there you have it, my first impression. Bravo to Shot Darts for such a fine product! I'll play with these for a while before cracking open the 2nd set they sent me (I know, I know, it's a tough job but someone has to do it!) and then maybe, just maybe, I'll give these away. But folks, these will require more than just an entry to win!

    Be sure to stop by Home | Shot Darts and check out their various offerings folks. You won't be disappointed!!

    More to follow
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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Erik, Apr 21, 2018.

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