Scott Waites Onyx 19/20g Soft-Steel Darts

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By Erik on Apr 13, 2018 at 6:55 AM
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    I have to admit that I could not find these darts for sale in the US, or for that matter anywhere but the Netherlands, so they might be tough to get but I think worth the look. As I was unable to locate them for sale (other than NL) I'm also only guessing on the price of about $55. I see tungsten versions run over $100 but the brass darts of similar design and by WINMAU run $56-$64 in the USA.

    These darts come with steel conversion tips which worked very well, soft tips and extra flights and shafts. They do not come with a case but then I don't use a case anyway and always just toss them out when they come (if I'm keeping the darts) so it doesn't make much sense to me to send a case with them anyway.

    The darts are larger than most modern darts, which is to be expected because they are made from brass, but they are only just barely larger than my own soft tip darts which Red Dragon made for me by drilling out the barrels of my 24g steel dart. I insisted I wanted the same barrel size and shape but light enough to play NDA Electronic darts and they made it happen.

    I should note that I started with Brass darts back in 1976 but these are not the brass darts your grandad, or I, started with. Ours were big, fat and plain really and came with Turkey Feathers (that's what we called them) and these are a modern, precision machined dart well suited to today's players!


    So, the idea of reviewing these Scott Waites Onyx darts intrigued me because they were just slightly larger than my own and I like a larger dart. I tend to laugh when someone tells me they need thinner darts to hit more 180's and ask them if they've ever seen John Lowe's darts? Heck aren't Taylor Phase 5's kinda wide too? Width has nothing to do with it. Taper might, tips do and the player does. I hit many 180's with my just slightly bigger darts (than a typical 24g dart) and had no problem taking number one in ADO Region 1-2 with them, so I don't think people need thinner darts as much as they think they do.

    What I think people need, is a dart that feels right in the hand and these Scott Waites do just that. They are comfortable to hold, have a positive grip and an tactile feel to them. You can just feel the grip or sense it. It's not sharp, nor obtrusive, it's just there and might give a player confidence if they are the kind that really needs to feel the dart.

    I'd say the only noticeable drawback on the dart is the Onyx coating. While I like the coating I noticed the soft brass was easy to nick with incoming tips and after a few hundred tosses it was clear the black coating was nicked up a bit. I doubt it would be an issue as frankly, darts aren't for show, they are for hitting the red bit!

    Overall, I like this dart and would recommend it to any soft tip player with larger hands (or maybe anyone who just likes a larger dart), they feel great, fly right and as you can see, fit rather nicely inside the triple 20!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Erik, Apr 13, 2018.

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