Scott Waites Brass?

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Erik, Jan 27, 2018.

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    In the age of tungsten and titanium I find it very interesting that these darts are BRASS! Yes, folks, this is what a lot of darts used to be made out of. In fact, my first set of darts were a 42g set of brass darts....really.

    Today I can't imagine throwing such a heavy dart but I CAN imagine throwing a set of brass darts at an electronic board. In fact, I'm intrigued by this because it means the shear size of the dart will be BIGGER than those dinky little skinny mini tungsten nails people try to throw today. That's just not something these big old hands do well. Nope, I need something I can feel in my fingers when I throw and the idea that I need some knitting needles to ensure I can hit 180's let me just say I can hit my share (and more than most) when I'm on my game with my larger darts. It isn't the barrel that hits the board folks, it's the tip and the dart doesn't fly straight to the board on a level plane but rather arc to the board allowing the tips to land together while the barrels nestle in beside each other. It works.

    So, I am waiting now on a set of these darts and frankly, can't wait to see how they match up to my very custom Red Dragon Erik McVay darts :)

    My darts are 51.05mm x 7.16mm which was a big as we could make them out of tungsten and had to hollow them out to get the weight right.

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