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    Have you ever had a dart or darts that just stuck out as unique, good, cool? A set of darts that stuck in your mind forever? Some you just had to have or try out? Well, over the 40 plus years I've played this game I'= have several that I never forgot, that stuck in my mind as special and I think I've found my latest!

    I remember when the Accudart came out that you could change the weight of, back in the 70's. I thought they were pretty cool and their wood case was a thing of beauty that just made you think "these are special"! I remember the Bottelsen Megathrusts and GT's of the mid 80's that cost an arm and a leg but I had to have them! I threw a set of Megathrusts for many years. Later there were others like the Voks Helix and the Unicorn Platinum darts to name a few. Well now I've met the Ronin REI's and frankly, Shot should sell them in a nice wood box too! Make it Mahogany or Walnut and make a statement! These darts are fantastic. Plain and simple.

    To tell the truth, I like to toss a 180 or three with a set of darts I review just to feel how they fly, how they respond to my grip and throw and just to see them go into the red bit the way they do when you hit a 180 and honestly, I haven't hit one yet with the REI's but I KNOW I will and that my friends is a key component to a good, indeed great dart! Confidence.

    I started tossing them today despite a torn muscle (or tendon, they aren't sure which) and noticed right off I was hitting 140's fairly often and 60's were just 'ho hum' while the 80 somethings, 95's and ton's were beginning to feel routine.

    I shifted to the 19's and hit a nice 133

    and thought "these things just want to go into the triples for me"!

    The grip feels awesome and there is NO slippage. None. Nadda! They feel a little rough in the fingers but respond so well to my throw I'm starting to think giving them away would be a shame! Note to Shot: These are going to be VERY hard to part with! Have another set I can give away?
    More 140's were coming in and I kept thinking there was no way I wouldn't stick them all in the red bit soon

    but I just kept hitting 120 somethings and solid 60/85/95/100's

    and began to contemplate keeping these amazing darts.

    After 1 more 140 I decided to write about the REI's and give you my thoughts on them.

    First, I must admit I had to look up the word Ronin again. I'm sure everyone's watched the movie and many in North America think of Ronin as Ninja but I decided to look it up:

    According to Wikipedia
    "The word r┼Źnin literally means "wave man". It is an idiomatic expression for "vagrant" or "wandering man", someone who is without a home. The term originated in the Nara and Heian periods, when it referred to a serf who had fled or deserted his master's land. It then came to be used for a samurai who had no master."

    I thought about this and came to the conclusion this was an apt name for these darts because dart players do not have masters but many are clearly elite warriors (of the oche anyway). So why not?

    If you are looking for excellent grip, smart looks and a dart that won't let you down, do yourself a favor and pick up a set of Ronin REI's. You won't be disappointed at all, I promise!
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    Oh and I will hit 180's with these :) I know I will and that is what it's all about.
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    and the 140's just keep coming!
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    And then they came :D
    20180427_125910.jpg 20180427_130245.jpg 20180427_130257.jpg
    Nothing like sticking them in the redbit :)
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    Those are impressive looking darts.
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    They can be yours for free! :D -- gotta admit, I don't want to do this but it's done! Two weeks and someone else gets them! FREE!

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