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    I used the D.craft Saturn soft tip practice board this week and it is an excellent choice for someone who wants a plastic practice board, but doesn't need the electronic functions of something like the Gran Board.
    製品情報 | D-CRAFTオフィシャルサイト English site doesn't seem to work. Rakuten has several sellers with English descriptions.

    The key features of the Saturn are softer plastic, for quieter play, and moving scoring segments. All the scoring areas of the board move into the board upon impact of the darts. When you pull out the darts, the scoring area is pulled forward into place again. There is enough friction between the spider and the scoring areas so there is no play, and there is a very solid feel of the scoring area being pulled back into position when you remove your darts.

    The type of plastic used for the Saturn if quite soft compared to other home boards, including the Gran Board. When a dart impacts, it doesn't make a hard plastic clacking sound. Instead, you get a dull thud.
    Best of all, bounce outs didn't seem to be a problem. I'd say on par with a commercial Dartslive or Phoenix board. The Gran Board was also very good with darts not bouncing out. I've tried several other home boards and had lots of bounce outs.

    I examined the wear of the spider and it is very clear that plastic tips wear down the lead edges of the triangle shaped spider. Even so, there wasn't really any flattening of the leading edges. The wear on the leading edges is very similar to the wear you get when you hit a metal tool against the edge of a plastic bucket. The dart tips kind of shave away at the spider. No chipping.

    I also did a subjective sound comparison of a Gran Board, Saturn, and Dartslive2.
    It was pretty quiet in the shop, so I decided to really listen as the darts impacted the boards. The Gran and Saturn were set up side by side so it was quite convenient. The Gran Board was mounted on the wall, while the Saturn was mounted on a pole.

    Loudest to quietest: Gran Board > Dartslive > Saturn
    Loudest clacking sound to softest clacking sound: Gran Board > Dartslive > Saturn (No clacking sound)
    Least pleasant to most pleasant: Gran Board > Dartslive > Saturn
    Hands down, the Saturn board was the most pleasant to use. Darts made a dull thud on impact, and there was no plastic clacking sound. The Gran Board resonated with unpleasant annoying hard plastic sounds as the darts hit. Not as bad as my 5 dollar plastic board, but still pretty unpleasant for someone who is used to steel tip boards. The Dartslive2 board, well, it's a Dartslive2 board. It didn't have the hard clacky plastic sound of the Gran Board, but because it has more parts, it did make more noises that the Saturn.

    This video introduces the board and a side by side sound comparison with a Unicorn board.
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    Very nice! Thanks for the video. #1, hopefully they gave you the board to review! #2, thanks for posting the video! Very interesting to hear the steel and Saturn next to each other. Seems like a great practice option. Is it the same size as a typical 15" or is it more like the steel board size?
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    Playing area is same dimensions as Dartslive2. 15.5 inch diameter playing area.

    Better than a board, I got a shot of Crown Royal.

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