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    I've put together a
    Trivia Competition/SEWA Scavenger Hunt! The first 5 to get all the
    answers right (or the first 5 to get MOST of them right) will win a set of darts or 4 sets of flights (A minimum of 3 sets of darts will be given away but possibly more!)

    Here are the rules:
    1. You have 1 week to finish the contest however the 1st 5 members to
    submit the correct answers will win -- so don't wait until the end of
    the week! Submit as soon as you can.
    2. You may submit and resubmit your answers as often as you like but
    each time you resubmit your time-stamp changes. (Example: MemberX
    submits today at 12:00noon then realizes he missed some and resubmits
    tomorrow at 1PM. 1PM is his new time-stamp).
    3. Almost all the answers can be found here on or at (there may be one or two you'll have to hunt for)...
    4. Only Senior Moderators / Admins are excluded from entry (contacting them for help is disqualifying).
    5. All answers must be private messaged to me via the site. Once
    you've done so feel free to post in the appropriate forum to let me know
    you've done so and I will respond there also.
    6. If 5 members submit correct answers right away then the competition is over.
    7. The site admins are the only members not eligible to participate in this competition
    8. Above all, have fun and be sure to thank Red Dragon for their support of our sport!
    9. If no one answers all the questions correctly, then the 5 that gets the most right (first) win.
    10. Do not post the answers or where to find them in the forums.......

    Good Luck

    Here are your Trivia/Scavenger Hunt questions:

    1. Winifred Maud is?
    2. No Odor? What gives?
    3. How many ways of getting a nine dart finish are there?
    4. Who are John and Dave Bluck?
    5. What are the three outs that only have ONE way of being taken out?
    Who said this: "If I got beaten by anyone whom I felt to be an inferior
    player to myself, I would go off about it. I would half heartidly shake
    hands and say something completely stupid and arrogant. (All of which I
    regret now). This kind of behavior does not belong in our sport"?
    Who said this: "If you have not tried this, I strongly suggest that you
    do. Once this snowball of increased accuracy begins to roll it seems to
    develop a momentum of its own." ?
    8. John Part is a Black Belt in
    the SEWA Practice standings, but his alter-ego, Darth Maple is also
    listed as a Blue Belt. John threw the results for both entities, so what
    makes the Darth Maple entry different than his personal one?
    9. What out has the most ways of being taken out?
    There was a time when many of the SEWA members changed their avatars to
    have a penguin theme. Why was this done?
    Which SEWA members took part in the Black & Purple Challenge (a Best
    of Nine Cricket match fundraiser for Lupus that took place in the
    middle of the 38th Oregon Open in 2007)?
    12. Cricket Strategy, Gold Cost Shootout I Post Tournament Report and 80 Out -- Why are so many wrong? Have what in common?
    13. The most active poll is?
    14. Most popular dart sold by Red Dragon today?
    15. What year did Erik play in the BC Regionals?
    16. KopRalphs Avatar?
    17. When was 'Cricket Press' posted to the site?
    18. Name three 'Team Red Dragon' members
    19. On page 14 of what you will find.....?
    20. There is a Charity Red Dragon supports?
    21. "....the best 'talent' on the stage" refers to whom?
    22. One Pro made a statement in a Journal. Who was it?
    23. The latest review is by? and about?
    24. 71,xxx,xxx?
    This "Recent evidence suggests that Irish immigrants took the game to
    America in the late Victorian/early Edwardian period." is from what? and
    by whom?

    This competition is open to ALL registered users (even
    those who register AFTER the competition starts). Don't worry about
    where you live either! If you win and you live in Korea, Germany, Japan
    or wherever we'll get your winnings to you!

    Good luck and have fun!

    Note: You can also posts questions concerning the competition in the forums but do not post the answers or where to find them!"


Discussion in 'Articles' started by site_admin, Dec 15, 2013.

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