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  1. radar

    radar New Member

    now that all the zone shoots are over... i think. i was just wondering who all made it from the youth on this site to there provincial levels.
    I myself made it for singles and doubles, everyone from our youth league made it so its gonna be fun. miss em and her partner made it. how about you Tom? or do your leagues not have proncials and stuff???

    anyways i know for sure its gonna be a fun time.

    P.S. if your read the miss em, your going down. judi [pas this on to her for me.
  2. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Hey Radar :) No we don't have provincials over here, I don't even know what they are 8O But we did get a letter today from the county youth team, my sister is in the ladies under 21's and I'm a reserve for the Under 18 males. :)

    Good luck!
  3. radar

    radar New Member

    tell your sister i say congrats and conrats to you for the reserved placement. provincials is just liek the provincest shoot. Its starts off with zone shoots to quailify for provincial then nationals.
  4. Tom

    Tom New Member

    :) I will do. She never practisies though so i shall glue her feet to the oche and make her hehe :D

    Yeah so prov's are kinda like county youth teams over here in a way. We have a home game so I might get a freindly game but unlikely to play a proper game! I'm the only unbeaten 'reserve' this season though, so there is hope 8)

    Good luck
  5. radar

    radar New Member

    ncie gd luck to you to and thx.

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