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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by DDBuckshot, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. DDBuckshot

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    I've been throwing with the same set of darts for almost ten years now. Recently the point in one of the darts started staying stuck in the board every time I threw it. Now it won't go back in snugly or even stay in at all, it's so loose it falls right out if I turn the dart upside down. I don't think loctite will be enough to fix it. Is that dart just worn out? I hope not because I've tried buying a new set of the same darts several times now but they are never the same dimensions or weight. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Thanks!
  2. VanO

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    I haven’t had experience with it but, I think a bit of 2 part epoxy might do the trick. If you should ever need to remove the point a bit of heat will break the bond and allow removal. Hope this helps!
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  3. Erik

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    Points do sometimes fall out. Usually it means you need a new set of points but sometimes the dart is worn, it depends on the material involved. Are they brass? nickle silver? Tungsten? Where are you located? There are a number of options for repointing darts and some may be close to you while others you'd have to send the darts off to.

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  4. kennyg

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    @VanO is right I have used this method many times actually the cyanoacrylates (super glue) work very well and will release with heat. Silver soldering would also be a very effective method if you are capable or know someone who is like a plumber, they can also be de-soldered. If your barrels are tungsten they may not be wallowed out and just re-pointing may be the solution. I see where vendors do sell re-pointing presses.
  5. VanO

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    Another option would be to have a machinist like Kenny bore and thread the point end for steel conversion points. Then depending on the weight of your barrels you could use for soft tip as well.
  6. kennyg

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    Actually never thought about doing that but should be doable.

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