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    This little diamond coated fish hook sharpener looks almost identical to the Winmau pocket sharpener. It's great for roughing up the sides of the points so your darts don't fall out of the board. The sharpener is held in place by a knurled locking ring and reverses for storage. The sharpener has a flat side and a round side. The round side has a small groove for sharpening the tips of fish hooks. It comes in two lengths and has a pocket clip. I got the short one so it will easily fit in my dart case. It cost 6 bucks at my local fishing tackle shop.

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    I always preferred the hollow stones but will be interested to know how well this one works
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    I have had those too. Seem to work about the same for taking burrs off the the tips. As for roughing up the sides of the points I think the diamond sharpener works well. The main advantage is that it takes very little pressure for the diamond coating to bite into the steel. I used to use a cheap little fish hook sharpening stone, which also was good, but the form factor of the diamond sharpener is nice.
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