PDL The Little League that Could - and Did - in MA

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    The Patriot Dart League (PDL) was formed for the players. Existing leagues did not put enough effort into providing for the players so we formed our own league. The PDL has been operating in MA since January, 2003.

    The PDL is dedicated to providing a venue for playing darts where the matches are easy to get to. Driving distances to matches need to be kept to a minimum.

    The PDL will be structured so that - at a minimum - divisions are made up of cities and towns in the same county. Most counties would be further split up in order to optimize driving times. Only during playoffs would teams be playing outside of their county.

    The PDL is dedicated to providing recognition for players. The PDL gives out a high percentage of awards to its membership. These awards can be found in the Scoring section of the rules.

    Currently there are six awards given for hitting specific combinations of darts each time they are hit, regular season or playoffs:
    • Black Hat – all three darts in the double cork in a Cricket game
    • Hat Trick – all three darts in any combination of single or double corks in a Cricket game
    • Round of 9 – all three darts in the triple ring of three Cricket numbers
    • Ton Eighty – all three darts in the triple ring of the twenty in an '01 game
    • Ton Seventy – one hundred seventy scored for a double in or out in an '01 game
    • White Horse – all three darts in the triple ring of three different untouched Cricket numbers
    Two awards are available to be won per division per week:
    • High On - the highest on of at least one hundred points in an '01 game
    • High out – the highest out of at least one hundred points in an '01 game
    Eight top ten awards are available per division per season:
    • Total wins — the total number of all wins
    • 601 wins — the total number of 601 wins
    • Cricket wins — the total number of Cricket wins
    • 301 wins — the total number of 301 wins
    • Total % — the winning percentage of all games played
    • 601 % — the winning percentage of 601 games played
    • Cricket % — the winning percentage of Cricket games played
    • 301 % — the winning percentage of 301 games played
    In order to foster competitions, teams are generally grouped into divisions based on their playing ability. The PDL will do this to the extent possible under the constraints of travel above. Generally there are three groups of teams that divisions will be based on: outstanding shots, good shots, and everyone else - including new teams.

    Each division will start the playoffs in their own division. Division champions will then travel to play off against their division rivals in other areas. Divisions may be further grouped into conferences in order to minimize travel.

    One problem that arises each season is when something happens and no league official is present. To minimize this likelyhood, a league official's phone number is contained in each captain's kit. This allows for immediate problem solving as necessary.

    The PDL considers team captains as the decision makers during a match and this is reflected in the rules. A contact number is provided, however, in the event something happens which needs additional attention.

    The PDL, like any other organization, needs to be dependable. This means that shirts, awards, and events need to be presented in a timely manner. It is the habit of the PDL to provide these items approximately three weeks after the end of the playoffs at an awards event. These events are posted on the calendar before the beginning of the season.

    Many times it happens that a team plays and the opposing team does not know who should be on the roster or if anyone actually verifies the match report. The PDL has custom software which is used to process each match report. This means that, as long as the name of the player matches the name on the roster, there is no way for a team to cheat. If an ineligible player participates in any part of a match, that match is automatically forfeit.

    Six teams are all that is required to join the PDL. That's six teams in your county for a fifteen week season before any travel is necessary.

    I run the league; I play in the league. I've made many friends and many more rivalries over the years - all of which I cherish.


Discussion in 'Articles' started by Sensei, Aug 3, 2006.

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      I hope that many other leagues form Singles/Individual leagues that focus on building the level of play for the darters on this side of the pond.

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